Bano Qudsia Books That Are Worth Reading

If you are a novel reader then I don’t need to introduce Bano Qudsia for you. Bano aapa has written novels that leave their marks on your mind for your entire life. Not only urdu novels, but Bano Qudsia has also written books that are worth reading. Bano Qudsia books involve their reader so much that you cant think about something else while reading.

Bano qudsia was a Pakistani novelist, playwright, and spiritualist. She wrote literature in Urdu, producing novels, dramas plays, and short stories. Qudsia is best acknowledged for her novel Raja Gidh. Qudsia also penned for television and stage in both Urdu and Punjabi lingo. Her play Aadhi Baat has been called “a classic play”.

So if you want to read Bano Qudsia books and want to know the names of all Bano Qudsia books then you should read this article.

Here we will share all Bano Qudsia books name including her Dramas, novels, Biographies and short stories.

Bano Qudsia Books Name

Below is the all Bano Qudsia Books name which includes dramas, short stories, novels, and biographies written by her.

Bano Qudsia Dramas Names

  1. Chota Shehar Baray Log 
  2. Phir Achanak Youn Hua 
  3. Lagan Apni Apni 
  4. Aadhee Baat 
  5. Foot Paath Ki Ghaas 
  6. Aasay Paasay
  7. Tamaseel
  8. Hawa kay Naam
  9. Dusra Qadam
  10. Sidhran
  11. Suraj Mukhi
  12. Piya Nam ka Diya

Bano Qudsia Novels Names

  1. Raja Gidh
  2. Aik Din
  3. Haasil Ghaat
  4. Shehr-e-la’zawaal – Abaad Weeranay
  5. Purwa
  6. Moom ki Galiyan
  7. Shehr-e-Bemisaal
  8. Tauba Shikan

Bano Qudsia Biographies Names

  1. Rah-e-Rawaan
  2. Mard-e-Abresham

Bano Qudsia Short Stories Names

  1. Hijraton Kay Darmiyan
  2. Dast Bastaa
  3. Aatish e Zeer Pa
  4. Amar Bail
  5. Dusra Darwaza
  6. Baz Gasht
  7. Na Qabil e Zikr
  8. Samaan e Wajood
  9. Tawaja ki Taalib
  10. Kuch Aur Nahi

Bano qudsia has written 32+ books that were all true pieces of art. Her literature work mesmerizes you whether you are a reader or a viewer. She makes her characters alive in your mind and you couldn’t help but feel connected with each and every character of her books. Her novel Raja Gidh is considered as a modern urdu classic.

So if you haven’t read Bano Qudsia books then now is the time to upgrade your library with these amazing pieces of art.

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