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The Best Video Editor for Beginners in 2023

Best Video Editor for Beginners

Last Updated on (1-January-2023)

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to edit or design high-quality videos, don’t worry. We have all been there when we want to create videos for our business to convert quality sales or to surprise a loved one but don’t know how to do it. In this article, we will share the best video editor for beginners in 2023, which is “FlexClip.”

This article will share why you should use FlexClip if you are a beginner and the salient features of this amazing video editor.

The first and foremost thing that we love about FlexClip is that you don’t need to be a video editor or video designer to use this tool. You can create amazing and high-quality videos with this tool with minimal knowledge, as they already have everything sorted for you.

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What Is FlexClip

PearlMountain’s FlexClip is a simple online video maker. Its simple and user-friendly tools make professional video creation capabilities available to anyone. It is now used and appreciated by millions of people all around the world to easily generate videos for commercial and personal usage.

You can use FlexClip for making the following kinds of videos.

  1. Promo Video
  2. Marketing Video
  3. Invitation Video
  4. YouTube Intro Video
  5. Anniversary Video
  6. Trailer Video
  7. Slideshow Video
  8. Video Editor
  9. Movie Maker

Video Editing Tools By FlexClip

  1. Add Logo to Video
    Add a logo to your video without any difficulties. Even text logos are supported.
  2. Add Music to Video
    Add music to your video without any difficulties.
  3. Add Text to Video
    Add text to your video so that your ideas and information get across easily.
  4. Add Watermark to Video
    Add a watermark to your video to identify the copyright of your work.
  5. Compress Video
    Compress your video to the size that you desire.
  6. Convert Video
    Convert your video to MP4, WebM, and other formats you need.
  7. Filter Video
    Give these excellent video filters a try and select the best one for your video.
  8. Mute Video
    Clear all background noises in one click at FlexClip.
  9. Record Screen
    Record your screen and share it with great ease
  10. Trim Video
    Trim/Cut the video to the perfect length instantly with the free video trimmer.
  11. Video Brightness
    Are your videos too bright or too dark? Change the brightness by dragging the slider without any difficulties.
  12. Merge Video
    Join several videos together to double the video fun!
  13. Rotate Video
    Get the wrong angle when shooting? Get it right by rotating your video.
  14. Video Speed
    Select the right video speed then export, you will get the best time-lapse or slo-mo video.
  15. Split Video
    Cut your video into several parts in clicks.
  16. Video Transition
    Browse these transitions and then apply them to make videos more smooth.
  17. Zoom Video
    This simple zoom video will help zoom in and out of your video easily and efficiently.
  18. Flip Video
    Flip your video horizontally or vertically in clicks online for free!
  19. GIF Maker
    Use any photo or video to create interesting GIFs in seconds!
  20. Make a Meme
    Upload a video or photo and create a meme in seconds!
  21. Create GIF from Photos
    Instantly combine separated photos as an interesting GIF.
  22. Convert Video to GIF
    Convert your video to an interesting GIF in clicks and share it on social media.
  23. Convert Audio to Video
    Upload your audio file, and convert it to a video in seconds!
  24. Video Collage Maker
    Create a video/photo collage in clicks!
  25. Subtitle Editor
    Edit video subtitles/captions online for free.
  26. Online Montage Maker
    Make a photo or video montage online in minutes.
  27. Motion Graphics Maker
    Easily make a professional-looking motion graphic by yourself.
  28. MP4 to GIF
    Convert your MP4 file to an excellent GIF and share.
  29. GIF Editor
    Edit and make your GIFs outstanding from others.
  30. Add Text to MP4 Online
    Easily add text to match your MP4 videos.
  31. Add Subtitles to MP4
    Easily add subtitles to MP4 videos and make cool edits.
  32. Add Subtitles to Video
    Easily add subtitles and captions to videos online for free.
  33. Add Text to GIF
    Easily add text to your animated GIFs online.
  34. Add Audio to Photo
    Add audio to photos to create an excellent music slideshow.
  35. Add Image to MP3
    Add images to an MP3 file to create a music video effortlessly.
  36. Remove Background
    Remove image background online with the AI cutout tool.
  37. Video Masking
    Amazing video masks to target effects to your video clip!
  38. Picture in Picture Video Editor
    Add Images or Videos on top of another video in a few clicks.
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