Can I buy Netflix in Pakistan using EasyPasia or JazzCash?


Welcome to my blog post about Netflix. I am going to focus on this question can you buy Netflix in Pakistan using EasyPasia or JazzCash? Netflix is a very popular company that allows you to stream online content straight to your TV, computer, and mobile phone.

I got so many messages via comments asking that “Can I buy a Netflix subscription using jazzcash or Easypaisa” then why not this article explains everything you need to know


I’ll give you my honest answer as to whether you can buy Netflix in Pakistan, why you can’t, and what you can do to get it!

We’ve all got the most popular streaming service for movies and TV shows, Netflix. But lately, there’s been a lot of discussion surrounding an issue-based in Pakistan. Can I buy Netflix in Pakistan using EasyPasia or JazzCash?

About Netflix

Netflix was created to offer a large selection of TV shows and movies available to stream instantly without commercials. With thousands of titles, Netflix provides a wide variety of streaming options to its members. It is the leading entertainment network in the world enabling users to instantly watch TV shows, movies, documentaries, and even some exclusive 4k content. This US-based company started its operations in Pakistan in December 2016 and the response has been tremendous. Everyone wants to become a Netflix member and enjoy unlimited entertainment, isn’t it?


The problem is nobody is sure if you can buy Netflix in Pakistan using EasyPasia or JazzCash. If you live outside the US, you can access American content from Netflix by creating an account with Netflix USA and then accessing this from your home country. This is fine if you already have a subscription with Netflix USA but how do you buy it? After all, most countries don’t allow subscribers to purchase accounts from other countries and while that won’t stop people from doing so, it does pose some challenges.

Can I buy Netflix in Pakistan using EasyPasia or JazzCash?

If you are wondering Can I buy Netflix in Pakistan using EasyPasia or JazzCash, the answer is no. But firstly let’s discuss both the methods one by one.

Netflix payment through Easypaisa

You can not buy Netflix through Easypaisa as they give a “Unionpay debit card”. And Netflix did not accept “Unionpay debit card”

Netflix payment through Jazzcash

As per buying Netflix using jazzcash, it is true that jazzcash issues a visa debit card that could be acceptable but it won’t work on Netflix.

After the denial of both services, how can you buy Netflix in Pakistan? What are the options?

There are 3 possible options that you can consider if you want to buy Netflix in Pakistan.

  • Buy Netflix With PTCL
  • Buy Netflix Using Telenor Postpaid
  • Use Bank Debit Card for Netflix payment

So this was the complete guide about whether you can buy Netflix in Pakistan through Easypaisa or jazzcash. And if not, what are the possible options for Netflix payment in Pakistan.

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