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Top 3 Ways To Convert Talkshawk To Djuice


  • Telenor allows you to convert talkshawk to Djuice in 3 ways.
  • You can convert your Telenor talkshawk sim to Djuice without changing your number.
  • The network migration fee of switching telenor talkshawk network to djuice depends upon the method that you follow for conversion.

If you are a Telenor user, you are either subscribed to the Djuice network or Talkshawk. Of course, both packages have their benefits. But if at some point you want to switch from Telenor Talkshawk to Djuice, you can do it easily.

If you don’t know how to convert talkshawk to Djuice, we are making the process easy. This article will share the three latest methods to migrate Telenor talkshawk to Djuice.

So stay tuned and read along!

How to Change Telenor Talkshawk To Djuice In 3 Ways

There are three (03) different methods to easily change the Telenor Talkshawk to Djuice network. We will discuss all three methods one by one for your convenience.

Method 1: Send SMS To 345 To Migrate Talkshawk To Djuice

The first method to Migrate Talkshawk To Djuice is sending an SMS to 345. All you need to do is send an SMS “migrate” to 345, and your package will be converted.

how to convert talkshawk to djuice
  • Open your messaging app.
  • In a new message, type Migrate and send it to 345.

Method 2: Make A Call To Convert Telenor Talkshawk To Djuice

how to convert talkshawk to djuice code

The next method to switch from Talkshawk to Djuice is to dial 345662 or 345661 from your Telenor number, and you will be converted from Talkshawk to Djuice without any hassle.

Method 3: Visit Franchise or Service Center To Switch From Talkshawk To Djuice

If you don’t want to convert through any of the above two mentioned ways, then you can head over to the nearest Telenor Franchise or service center to get switched from Telenor Talkshawk To Djuice.

Fee To Migrate Talkshawk To Djuice

To switch from Djuice to Telenor Talkshawk, you will need to pay a network migration fee as well. The updated Djuice to Talkshawk convert charges are given below:

  1. Conversion charges to djuice and djuice Din Raat are Rs.15 inclusive of tax.
  2. Dialing 345661/345662: Rs.0.25 exclusive of tax.


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