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Digi Khata – Easy Digital Khata Online Records

Digi Khata
Digi Khata Easy Digital Khata Online Records

Originally posted on 30-November–0001 @ 12:00 AM

Last Updated on (24-January-2023)

It is good news for all of you who work as shopkeepers that the Digi Khata application has been launched to keep the record safe for a long time. There are several benefits of Digi Khata Easy Digital Khata Online Record.

Now use this app online and keep your all give and take and negotiate done with this Digi Khata app. This is too easy to use on your mobile phone also use free SMS to send records (give and take).

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How to use Digi Khata For Online Records

This is so easy to install and use for the following so many purposes described here. Go to mobile play store type Digi Khata. This will work only on an android mobile phone. Download and install it by signing up at this portal.

Now there is no need to save your expenditure record on a page or register just keep the record at this Digi Khata Easy Digital Khata Online Record.

Digi Khata App Features

This app has been launched by introducing the following main functions and features of Digital Khata Online. With the use of this app, you can receive the residual and remaining amount from someone’s customer.

Also, send free SMS and WhatsApp. You should not be worried about it being completely safe and secure to keep the record with trustfulness.

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  • Receiving amount.
  • Free SMS and WhatsApp messages service.
  • Completely secure and save the record.
  • All work in a single click.
  • With Digi Khata Digital Khata Online Record.

Rakhain Digi khata apny phone par it is free of cost and simple use play store app for all peoples of age. Digi Khata Easy Digital Khata Online Record to send SMS. It also reminds you and the customer to pay the dues before the due date. It is available at the play store and app store.

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