Across the country, there is currently a state of lockdown. As a result, this is a wonderful moment to hone your skills. Alternatively, you may learn something new. And Udemy can help you with that, which is why we’ve compiled a list of 9 ways to download Udemy Courses free.

I’ll show you how to use a decent Udemy Course Downloader Software to quickly download Udemy Courses to your computer. Aside from that, I’ll tell you about various sites where you may download PAID Premium Udemy Courses free.


You will find courses from different Online Learning Platforms on these websites, which you can download for free. Aside from that, I’ll show you how to get free access to any paid Udemy course.

What is Udemy?

Udemy is a platform for online learning (E-Learning). Millions of students use this site to improve their skills. On Udemy, I believe there is a course for any subject. You will be able to view over 150 thousand courses here. There are over 57 thousand educators that have contributed to the creation of so many Courses.

Here you will get to see Courses in 65+ languages.


1st Way to Download Udemy Courses Using Ulder Software 2022

You will be able to quickly download Udemy Courses with the help of Ulder Software. Additionally, Ulder allows you to download any Courses in your account. You have a lot of options in this Ulder Gui, which makes the software even better.

How To Use Ulder?

Step 1

First of all, you have to download this software. I have given this link. I have also uploaded this software to Google Drive. If there is any problem in downloading from Github, then you can download from Google Drive.

Step 2

You have to install it. Installing it is very easy; keep clicking Next until installing will finish.

Step 3

You must use your Udemy account to log in. I’ve been using this program for a long time. You’ve never had to deal with a situation like Password Hacking. It would be beneficial if you were certain that nothing bad would happen to your account.

Step 4

You must now select your preferred course. Then select Icon with Download from the drop-down menu. After then, you must choose Subtitle. Enough! The download of your course will begin.

Step 5

In the sidebar, you’ll find options like Courses, Downloads, Settings, About, and Logout. Let us explain these possibilities to you. This is where you’ll find a list of all the Courses you’ve downloaded or are currently working on.

Settings for Ulder

This is the better option. You will be able to check the download route as well as the Advanced Settings in this section. If you’re having trouble downloading Courses, try downloading them early in the morning or late at night.

2nd way to Download Udemy Courses Using Allavsoft Software

You can also use this software to download Udemy courses. As a result, you can observe a lot of features in this software. You may, for example, download videos from over 100 different websites.

Aside from that, you will have access to High-Speed Downloading. However, there are other aspects of it that I did not like or that you will enjoy. It is a paid software that we can try out for free.

3rd Way to Download Udemy Courses Using Amazing Website

I’m going to give you a list of several fantastic places where you can get free downloads of the Most Valuable and Top Rated Courses. The majority of the courses are paid. So, absolutely, it will be available for free download.


4th way to Download Udemy Courses Using IDM

This is software that allows you to quickly download any file, software, or movie from the internet. It also comes with a 30-day free trial.

IDM also has Udemy Courses available for download. To do so, simply login to your Udemy account using the Google Chrome browser. If you’re using IDM, you’ll notice it in the right corner above the video player. Then you’ll have the option to download a video.

Just in this, you have to download all the videos one by one.

5th Way to Download Udemy Courses Using Video Downloader PLUS Extension

Download Udemy Courses Using Video Downloader PLUS Extension.

Video Downloader PLUS Extension is a browser extension that lets you download videos that have been opened in your browser. You may also download any video in high or low resolution from this page.

But you are so unlucky this extension has been removed from Chrome Store.

6th Way Get Udemy 100% OFF Coupons for Free

If you want to acquire new skills for free without having to download anything or spend money on Udemy premium courses, go to this page right now to obtain all Udemy paid courses for free.

If anyone wants to learn new skills for free without download and doesn’t want to buy Udemy paid courses, visit now sitepoint.us, where you will be able to get all Udemy paid courses 100% free.

7th Way to Download the Paid Udemy Courses for Free

If you want to polish your skills but don’t have money to pay the fee for the course of your interest. Then don’t worry. Here you will find the best site that is the coursecatalog.us, From where you can easily download the full course without spending time and money with just a single click.

The course catalog is a highly recommended site to download all Udemy courses for free.

8th Way to How To Get Udemy Paid Courses For Free

There are three ways to obtain Udemy Paid Courses. We Indians do not have a proclivity to purchase #courses, which distinguishes us from other countries, which is a good thing!

Some websites provide you the download link of Paid Courses. I have given the list above.

  • There are various websites that provide you with a completely free Coupon Code. These websites make it simple to find free top-rated and paid courses.
  • Many Courses are also available for free from various Telegram Channels.

Get Udemy Paid Courses For Free By Coupon Code Website

With the help of these websites, you will easily enroll in many Paid and Premium Courses for free.

I am sharing the website to win with you; all the people are working right now; if a site does not work, let me know in the comment section.


9th Way To Get Udemy Paid Courses For Free From Telegram

Here is the list of some telegram channels that are providing Udemy courses for free.


How To Download Udemy Courses Free

Buddies, I hope you find this article to be very useful. How to Get Free Udemy Courses | 2022 New Methods To Download Udemy Courses For Free

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