Emergency Telephone Numbers In Karachi 2022

Sometimes you get caught in an emergency and want to seek help, but how can you call for help if you don’t have balance in your mobile phone? Emergency toll-free telephone numbers come there for your assistance. That’s why it is essential to remember the exigency numbers of your city, whether you are a tourist or a resident. In this post, we will share the Emergency Telephone Numbers In Karachi 2022.

The government has designed a particular security and rescue network all over the city. The goal of such planes is to keep safe and to enhance the lifestyle in Karachi.

To get a list of Emergency Telephone Numbers In Karachi 2022, read the article till the end. You can also bookmark this for any need in the future.

List Of Emergency Telephone Numbers In Karachi 2022

Remember that if you dial an emergency contact number from the below list, you need to dial (0213) before any number.

Edhi Ambulance115
Civil Hospital992 15960
 Edhi Welfare Centre241 3232
Police Emergency15
Rescue Service1122

So this was the complete list of emergency contact numbers in Karachi. Also, keep in mind that these numbers only work within the territory of Karachi. So if you are currently in another city like Islamabad then dial the emergency telephone numbers in Islamabad.

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