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Gepco Duplicate Bill 2023 Download Check, View or Print

GEPCO Duplicate bill

Originally posted on 14-November-2022 @ 7:05 PM

Last Updated on (4-January-2023)

Are you wondering how to check the GEPCO duplicate bill online 2023 along with the bill payment method? then you are definitely on the right spot. On this page, we are going to tell you a lot of stuff regarding Gepco (Gujranwala Electric Power Company), how to view and pay your electricity online bill? Some reliable methods of bill payment and solving your most common issues in 2023.

Checking your GEPCO duplicate bill requires a GEPCO Bill 14-digits reference number. Using the previous GEPCO bill copy, look for the reference number in the upper right corner under the Customer ID. The below picture tells you where you can see the GEPCO bill reference number.

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Enter Your 14 Digit Reference Number

How To Check GEPCO Duplicate Bill Online

To check your Monthly bill whether it’s January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December 2023.

  1. Open a browser on your device (Google Chrome/Safari/Firefox).
  2. A box will appear.
  3. Place your 14-digits reference number.
  4. Click to generate.
  5. Congratulation you have successfully generated your gepco online bill.

GEPCO Duplicate bill 2023 Online

Locate a 14-digits reference number which you will find very easily. Now, with the help of this reference number you are just one click away to check your duplicate bill. You can have it in digital form on your cell phone or you can download it and print it as a hard copy which is in the form of paper.

It is so simple all you have to do is locate your reference number from your previous bill to check or pay your current month’s electricity wapda bill.


Gujranwala Electric Power Company(GEPCO) is one of the best companies to supply electricity. GEPCO provides facilities to their consumers for their easy life. You can fill out the complaint online and you can pay and check, duplicate and download electricity bills online.

At the end of a month, we are usually busy in our daily life and our electricity bill does not reach our doorstep or is mistakenly given at the wrong address. This comes to a problem for a lot of us and a lot of us are at risk to lose our electricity connection.

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To minimize that risk for customers, gepco has come up with an online duplicate bill-paying facility just for you. So, stay tuned people.

GEPCO (Gujranwala Electric Power Company)

Gepco is an electricity-supplied company that is verified by WAPDA to supply the electricity in Gujranwala. In 1977, it was an Area Board of Electricity, working under the command of Wapda but late on in 1998, gepco was announced as electricity supplying and distributing company in various areas by Pepco by dismantling Wapda in this act.

It is quite a huge organization that is working efficiently to meet the needs of its customers.

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Gepco Duplicate bill Checker

You can easily check your Gepco Duplicate bill rather you are lying on your bed or you are just relaxing and feeling lazy. All you have to do is find a past bill at your home which you have already paid.

How to know your GEPCO bill reference number?

GEPCO has a meter point administration number( MPAN). It is a 14 digit code and placed at the top right corner of the bill. You can check your electricity details through this code. You can file a complaint against any trouble. You can generate your duplicate bill through a reference number.

How can you generate GEPCO duplicate bill?

If you have not received your electricity bill this month. Don’t worry! if your GEPCO duplicate bill has been misplaced here is the simple method to generate the duplicate copy of your bill.

  • Click on the customer services option and select “duplicate copy” from the menu.
  • Then add 14 digits of your reference number without using space in the reference field.
  • Now enter the submit button.
  • You will see a bill duplicate copy.
  • Now you can download or print it out.

How to download GEPCO Duplicate bill?

You can get your GEPCO bill at your door and you can get it on your mobile phone through email or SMS. Saving your monthly electricity bill is also important. You can print out or download your electricity bill easily.

  • Enter your reference number at the official website
  • Your electricity bill will be shown on your page
  • After that, press CTRL+P
  • Now click on the save option
  • Then the file will be saved on your device

Facilitated Areas by Gepco

Gepco is located in Gujranwala, Pakistan under the control of CEO Muhammad Amin Chaudhary.
As Gujranwala is a Region, gepco supplies electricity not only in other cities but also in different villages as given below:

  1. Sialkot
  2. Narowal
  3. Shakargarh
  4. Gujrat
  5. Mandi Bahauddin
  6. Alipur Chatha
  7. Saharan Chatha
  8. Sanky
  9. Wazirabad
  10.  Hafizabad
  11.  Kamoki
  12. Mureedky

Gepco bill payment Methods

There are quite a lot of methods for you that you can use to pay your monthly dues within a time limit. Most people use the method called wasting your time. This method is used by visiting a bank branch, waiting for your token number, and slowly paying the bill which in turn is to be paid or not on that particular day. So, nobody likes this method.

But how to pay gepco bill online? I am going to tell you some easy and at the top, time-saving methods to submit your wapda bill just by using your computer or mobile phone.
Methods are the Easypaisa app, Omni Upaisa, and JazzCash.

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Gepco bill view or calculator

Do You know that you can easily view or calculate the amount of GEPCO electricity utilization just by using a simple mathematical formula? If not, then let me show you how it is done :

  1. The unit we use for electricity is KW/H (Killowattperhour)
  2. So let’s just take an example.
  3. We use 32 Watt CFL of electricity for 17 hours.
  4. 32 watt(CFL) x 17 hours a day = 544 watt per hours = 0.544 killowatperhours.
  5. According to monthly usage = 0.544 x 30 (days in a month) = 16.32 KW/H.
  6. Hence we used 16 KW/H or electricity.

But companies have different rates of electricity at different levels of usage.

  • Units 1-50 can cost you Rs 3.5 per unit of consumption.
  • Units 51-100 can cost you Rs 4.88 per unit of consumption.
  • Units 101-300 can cost you approximately Rs 8 per unit of consumption.

By this method, you can easily calculate your GEPCO duplicate Online Bill usage or can visit the site GEPCO.

People Also Ask About GEPCO Duplicate Bill

How do I get a copy of my GEPCO bill?

Click on the customer services option and select “duplicate copy” from the menu. Then add 14 digits of your reference number without using space in the reference field. Now enter the submit button.

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How do I know whether my GEPCO bill was paid or not?

Visit the Gepco bill website ( and enter your 14 digit reference number without space. Your bill will be shown on your screen and you can check your payment status.

What does GEPCO stand for?

GEPCO is an electric power supply company. The full form of GEPCO is “Gujranwala Electric Supply Company”

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GEPCO Customer Care Center

Gepco is working 24/7 to monitor different activities and customer satisfaction. There are 3 shifts of work in gepco so, you can contact from anywhere and anytime. In case of an emergency, You can call on 118, while other customer bill service number is given below :

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