how to buy prize bond in Pakistan | A Complete Guide


If you want to purchase a prize bond but don’t know how to buy prize bond or are unsure whether investing money in purchasing prize bonds is safe, you need to read this article.

As in this article, we dug out answers to all the questions you want to ask so that you can know how to buy and select a suitable prize bond and how the prize bond draw takes place.

how to buy prize bonds in Pakistan

You can buy prize bonds in Pakistan from any trusted prize bond dealer.

People make guesses about winning while purchasing prize bonds, but these guesses are not even true and accurate. Therefore, winning prize bonds is a matter of luck.

The process of winning a prize bond is simple; you will get the prize if you are lucky. But one thing is accurate prize bonds are true and can make people very rich.

According to the national savings, you can get six prizes on a single prize bond. In addition, one prize bond number can appear multiple times in a lucky draw.

There are 24 lucky draws of prize bonds held in a year. And any prize bond draw is held after three months.

About Prize Bond Draw

The prize bond draw is 100% genuine and authenticated. In a prize bond draw, representatives of State Bank, National Savings, and other government sectors are present. Common people are also allowed to attend the prize bond draw.

Common people are also invited to check the balloting machine to see if there is any fault or a chance of misleading. For balloting purposes, deaf children are invited to remove any chance of dishonesty.

After the draw, representatives list winning prize bond numbers and issue them in the market.

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