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How To Check Browsing History On Wifi Router 2023

How to check browsing history on WiFi router

Originally posted on 30-November–0001 @ 12:00 AM

Last Updated on (27-January-2023)

Do you want to check the search history of your students or children but can’t do it as they have cleared the browsing history, don’t worry! We have a solution for you. You can still see someone’s search history even if they have deleted it.

So If you are searching for how to see someone’s search history through wifi, this post is for you. This guide will share the complete step-by-step procedure of how to check browsing history on WiFi router in 2023.

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Step-By-Step Procedure To Check Browsing History On WiFi Router 2023

You should be aware that even if someone uses your Wi-Fi, you cannot immediately see their browser history. However, by simply configuring your router, you can collect someone’s log data. The settings of routers differ dramatically from one brand to the next. Having said that, most routers contain a function known as Logs. Logs keep track of all of your internet history.

You’ll need a web browser to connect to your router in order to get the log data from a device. After that, you must provide information such as your IP address and access dates. The log is turned off by default. As a result, you must enable it by following the instructions in the router’s handbook. You can only track user activity after you enable it.

You can also get a router log from your Internet service provider. If you want to review your router’s history using a web browser on your own, please follow the procedures below:

Step 1

On your desktop, open a web browser and type in the IP address of your router. The IP address is a string of integers that you can find out by looking at your router carefully. It can be found near the bottom of your router on occasion.

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You can also use your desktop to get the IP address of your router. To do so, go to the start button and select Command Prompt from the drop-down menu. Once the new window has opened, type ipconfig and hit Enter. After that, go to the Wireless LAN Adapter Wi-Fi section and look at the Default Gateway area. The IP address of your router is specified by the string of numerical digits in Default Gateway. Copy and paste it into your browser’s address bar.

Step 2

You will be directed to the router’s dashboard in the second step. You must now log in with the admin username and password provided by your router. This information is usually found at the bottom of your router, but it can also be found in the manual.

Step 3

The layouts of the sites differ from one router to the next. On the router dashboard’s homepage, though, you could notice a link to examine your Wi-Fi history and records. You can look at the IP addresses of the websites that your router has visited by going to the link. To monitor a device’s internet activities, you’ll need to know its IP address. After that, you may look through the logs to see which websites were visited by that particular IP address.

Step 4

The log contains data such as the time of admission into a website, the IP addresses of the devices that browsed the internet, and the IP addresses of the websites visited. We hope that by following the above methods, you will be able to track down the online activities of anyone who uses your Wi-Fi.

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It is important to remember, however, that accumulating such data can jeopardize their privacy. You should not access other people’s browsing history and should only use such methods for legal causes, such as monitoring your child’s online activity.

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