How To Check Evo 3G Remaining Data 2021

If you use Evo Wingle 3G/4G, you need to check its remaining data and balance to keep track of internet usage. But if you don’t know How To Check Evo 3G/4G Remaining Data 2021, there is no need to worry.

The following article will explain and share 2 ways to check your Evo 3G/4G Remaining Data in 2021.

2 Ways To Check Evo 3G Remaining Data 2021

Those who are using Evo 4G device can check their remaining balance at any time by following the process of how to check Evo 4G remaining Balance which is as follow.

1st Method To Perfrom Evo Remaining Data Check 2021

Those Evo customers who are using Evo 4G Internet device for the first time can check the complete process of how to check Evo 4G data usage which is as follow. Follow the step-by-step process of Evo remaining data check 2021.

  1. First of all the client have to get registered by the PTCL website by giving the E-Mail address and the MDN number of your device. The company will send a password on the given E-Mail address.
  2. Login with that password and MDN number of the device on the PTCL site.
  3. A new page will appear before you with different options. Click on query data usage record to check the EVO data usage.
  4. Now, enter the required date from when you want to check the data and the end date till whom you want to check the data usage.
  5. Now, the usage will be shown in KBs. You can convert the KBs into MBs by Google KBs to MBs converter to check the data usage in MBs.

2nd Method To Check EVO 4G Data Usage 2021

In order to check your EVO Wingle Remaining Balance, Open the (SoftPhone) from your EVO software and have to dial 1015. Now select the language and then press 2  to check your remaining balance. You can also check the usage limit from [email protected]

This article has shared two methods to Check EVO single 4G Data Usage 2021. We hope all your queries related to How To Check Evo 3G Remaining Data 2021 are resolved. But if you still face any difficulty then comment below.

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