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How To Check Jazz Sim Number In 2023

Often you forget your number or if using an old sim, you didn’t remember your number. In this case, you need not worry, as you can check your jazz sim number easily in 2023.

Here is how to check jazz sim numbers easily with zero balance in 2023. Checking the mobile number of a jazz sim number has never been this easy.

Now in 2023you only need to dial the jazz number check code in your phone’s dialer, and your sim number will appear in front of you on your mobile’s screen.

Jazz Number Check Code 2023

Here is your answer, if you are wondering what is code to check the jazz sim number.

NetworkCheck CodeFee
Jazz/MobilinkNumber*99#Free Of Cost

Steps To Check Jazz Sim Number

Follow the following steps to check the jazz number online free of cost.

  1. Open your phone’s dialer.
  2. Dial *99#
  3. A screen will appear with your mobile number on it.

About Jazz

Jazz is Pakistan’s biggest mobile network operator with over 60 million subscribers base. Previously known as Mobilink, jazz is one of Pakistan’s best mobile network and internet services providers. Since 2010 the company is held by the Russian Alfa Group. The company was established in 1994 as a joint venture between Saif Group and Motorola Inc.

In February 2001, Orascom Telecom purchased Motorola’s shares in Mobilink, making them the majority shareholder. Yet, in 2010, a Russian Telecom operator – Vimpelcom – which is now recognized as VEON, took most of the assets of Orascom Telecom, including Mobilink, in a $6.5 billion deal.

After acquiring Pakistan’s Warid Telecom (a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi group) by Vimpelcom, Mobilink was formally rebranded as ‘Jazz.’ The first-ever telecom merger in Pakistan formulated a combined subscriber base of 50 million.


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