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How To Check Telenor MBs | Telenor Mbs Check Code

Want to know how to check Telenor MBS or Telenor free MB check code? How can I check my remaining MB on Telenor 4G? or How can I check my remaining MB on Telenor for free? We got you covered.

Whenever you subscribe to Telenor Internet Package, you want to know how much free internet data or MB have been left for your account. So here is the comprehensive guide of the free MB check code.

How To Check Telenor Remaining MBs

Here is How To Check Telenor Remaining MBs.

  1. Dial *999# from your Telenor sim
  2. A Pop Up for confirmation will appear on the screen.
  3. After that, you will receive a message that will display all the remaining MBs of your internet package.

With this Telenor MB check code, you can quickly check the details about your package.

Telenor eCare / My Telenor App

You can maintain your Telenor account or sim with Telenor ecare or with My Telenor App. If you don’t memorize the Telenor MB check code, you can easily use Telenor ecare to review all your account features.

  • You can check your Telenor Call History quickly
  • Furthermore, Check Telenor Internet and SMS History with Telenor eCare without any costs
  • Check your left active Package resources
  • Inspect your packages remaining Free SMS / Minutes
  • You can recharge your account balance either by Card Recharging service or by online service.

With a Telenor e-care account, Telenor users can control their packages or call SMS and Internet history. 

About Telenor

Telenor is one of the greatest cellular companies in Pakistan that gives different types of packages like call, SMS, and internet. So, Telenor has about 30 million clients in Pakistan. Telenor has extensive inclusion in Pakistan, essentially in reverse regions, making it a well-known 4g internet company.

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