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How To Check Zong SIM Number In 4 Ways

There are various ways to check your Zong SIM number easily. So why is this article important? Because some people can’t remember their carrier number. This article will help a lot of people who are not able to remember their numbers.

Here I am going to share with you 4 comfortable and easy ways to check Zong sim number. So, if you don’t know how to check zong sim number, read this article to the end.

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How To Check Zong SIM Number 2023

Zong is one of the largest telecom network companies. Providing its services across Pakistan with millions of customers.

Zong coverage is the best coverage in the eyes of Zongs customers because it’s providing its service all across the country with Fast internet services. It is the brand of CMPak Limited ( China Mobile Pakistan Limited ).

Zong started its services in Pakistan in 2008 by obtaining Millicom. After this takeover, Zong began its operation in the country, and now it is the most immeasurable mobile network operator in Pakistan, which gives 4G services to its users.

Different Ways to Check Zong SIM Number

Below this heading, you will find the 4 most reliable ways to check the Zong SIM number. Read the steps and follow your favorite one.

1st way to Check Zong SIM Number

The 1st step to checking your Zong SIM number is the simple and short Dial Code. Simple Dial the Code, and the number will appear on your mobile phone screen.

Zong Number Check Code 2023

The short dial code is *8#.

  • Open your Mobile phone dialer
  • Type the following code *8# and press the Dial button.
  • Zong SIM number will appear on your mobile phone screen.

If this code didn’t work for you, change it and Dial *2#. This code will help you.

You didn’t need to have a balance in your SIM. This method is totally free of cost.

2nd way to Check Zong SIM Number

Here is the second way to check your song sim number. Again, follow the steps for details.

  • Go to your Mobile Phone dialer.
  • Dial this Code *100#

After dialing this code following 3 options will be appeared on your screen in REPLY Mode.

Options will look like this.

  • Please Call Me
  • Account Info
  • Contact Us

Choose the first option with the replying with 1. After this, one more reply screen will appear on your screen. This time it will ask you for a number.

Simply enter the other number (that you know) in the reply box. and press reply. A Simple call message will be sent to the given number from your Zong SIM number.

3rd way to Check Zong SIM Number

The third way is to check your Zong SIM number. By messaging a trigger Code. Follow the steps for details.

  • Open the Messaging App or Message Box
  • Type the MNP and send it to 667.

After sending this, you will receive a message from 667. All the details, such as the sim owner’s name, CNIC number, and address, will be revealed in the text message. This is an easy way for every mobile network to check their sim number.

4th way to Check Zong SIM Number (Final Method)

Here is the final and last method. You can call on Zong helpline. Dialing 310 from your mobile phone will give the customer all the details such as Sim Owner, Number registered address, and Zong Sim number.


These are some of the ways to check the Zong sim number. Method 1 and 2 are for Zong sim users. But the method 3rd is for all network operators.

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