How To Cool Down A Phone Fast 2022


How to cool down a phone fast so you can use your smartphone in hotter environments. Some smartphone owners have found their smartphones to run slowly and become hot. If you are experiencing this, you are not alone. The good news is that there are some tips and tricks you can use. These tips may help you to cool down a phone fast while gaming or charging.

It is common that nowadays smartphone gets easily overheated when we use them too long. In order to cool down the device and make it function normally, you should know tips on how to cool your phone down when it overheats. It is not hard at all.


7 Tips To Cool Down Your Phone Fast

Whether it is a smartphone or a tablet, if you have ever experienced your phone running hot, it was probably due to overheating. It will then slow down and start misbehaving — giving you the worst possible experience.

Each year, people complain that their phone has overheated and made the condition worse to be harder to cool it down. It is a common problem but with the tips on how to cool a phone down fast, you will be able to solve this problem easily.

If your phone becomes too hot to hold and you don’t have any way of putting it down, check out these tips to help it cool faster.


Remember, more often than not the heat does not actually come from something wrong with your phone but with something wrong with how you are using it. If you follow these tips to cool off your phone, you might find that it heats up a lot less.

1- Reduce the brightness of the screen

One of the most power-hungry components of a phone is the screen. When the phone’s screen is set to very high brightness, it uses more power and heats up the device. The temperature can be reduced by lowering the brightness.

Reduce the screen resolution and refresh rate for the time being if your phone enables it.

2- Remove Unused Apps

If your phone continues to overheat, you should think about how many superfluous objects, such as ringtones, games, backgrounds, or programs that you never use, are taking up space on your phone.

3- Deactivate Unused Connectivity Attributes

Disabling connectivity capabilities such as Wifi, Bluetooth, Location, and Wifi Hotspot can help your Android phone cool down. If you’re not using it, you can also switch off mobile data or toggle airplane mode.

Disabling unneeded hardware will save battery life and reduce heat production.

4- Separate Your Phone From The Rest Of Your Technology

Stacking your phone, tablet, and computer in a bag while running makes them more prone to overheating. Keep them apart to help them keep their calm.

5- Place Away From Heat

The fact that your phone is overheating is due to the high ambient temperature. If you’re out in the sun, keep your phone in the shade because direct sunlight will quickly warm it up.

If you’re inside, keep your phone away from your bed or covers. Also, don’t store it on the dashboard of your automobile. If the phone gets too hot, it may shut down on its own.

6- Blow On Your Phone Or Fan It

It may seem stupid, but blowing or fanning your phone can help. A wind can assist cool down your gadget when it’s getting a little too hot, just like fanning keeps a body cool.

7- Take a break from using your phone for a while

Leaving an overheated smartphone alone for a while is the best way to cool it down. Close the camera for a few minutes if you’re using it. Also, please don’t use the phone while it’s charging because it will generate extra heat, which will raise the temperature.

There are many ways to cool down your phone. Here, we shared 7 Tips To Cool Down Your Phone Fast. Hope this article will help you to cool down your phone fastly. If you have other tips, please share them with us.

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