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How To Copy From Website That Prevents You From Copying in 2023

How To Copy From Website That Prevents You From Copying
How To Copy From Website That Prevents You From Copying

Originally posted on 14-November-2022 @ 5:30 PM

Last Updated on (3-January-2023)

Sharing is caring. But sometimes, you can’t copy from a website that prevents copy. The website publisher doesn’t want to see his efforts are being misused. How will you feel if your cultivated crops are being harvested without your intent? So, over time website developers have developed ways to protect websites from being copied.

In many cases, right-click is disabled using javascript. But still shortcuts Ctrl+A, then Ctrl+C works. So, developers started to disable shortcut keys.

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This day combination of both is used to disable Copying—modern techniques such as masking image URLs or loading content using protected web scripts even though no one can stop copying content from the copy-protected websites using screenshots or photographs.

Note: Copying and misusing copyrighted material is highly discouraged. The violator may face legal actions or online takedowns.

How to Copy From Protected Sites?

You can copy from such copy-protected websites using the following methods,

  1. Disabling JavaScript
  2. Printing PDF
  3. Tacking Screenshot
  4. Using Browser Extension/Addon

Every one of these is suitable in different situations. So let’s see one by one which one suits you to Copy from a Website That Prevents Copying.

Disabling Javascript

Disabling javascript that prevents you from copying content will solve your problem. Every internet browser now has developer mode. This developer mode allows debugging scripts, and it includes disabling them.

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Disabling javascript will prevent the execution of all javascript in that web page. But, remember, if you disable javascript before the page is loaded, It will not load asynchronous content.

Disable in Firefox Browser

copy from website that prevent copy
Disable JavaScript in Firefox

Type “about:config” in the address bar. Accept the warning message. Then search “javascript.enabled” and toggle it to false. Then load the web page you want to copy.

Disable in Edge and Chrome Browser

copy from website that prevent copy
Disable JavaScript in Chrome Browser

Enter “chrome://settings/content/javascript” in address bar of Google chrome and “edge//settings/content/javascript” of Microsoft edge browser. It will open the JavaScript settings from the Privacy and Security section.

Check on the “Don’t allow sites to use Javascript” setting. Now you can copy loaded content in the browser as no javascript will disable your clicks.

Printing PDF

Directly give print from the copy disabled page. Use Microsoft pdf printer to save it as a pdf file. Then you can extract the required content from the saved PDF file. Here you may need some extra work and document conversion knowledge. You can convert that PDF to an image or word document file.

copy from website that prevent copy
Printing Webpage to PDF

Some websites also implemented copy protection to disable the printing functions. So, you have to disable javascript first, and then you can print. Or you have to take a site screenshot.

Taking Screenshot

Use the Print Screen key to capture screenshot, then save it as an image file using Microsoft Paint. This will allow you to copy only visible parts of the web page. To capture a complete webpage, use third-party add-ons of plugins. Such as GoFullPage Scrn for chrome. The advanced screen capture extensions handle complex pages—including inner scrollable elements and embedded iframes.

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copy from website that prevent copy
Web Capture in Edge

Using Browser Extension/Addons

This is the easiest option if you regularly visit right-click disabled or text copying disabled websites that prevent copy. Install this following mentioned extension/addon to your browser once, and they will do the task every time for you.

copy from website that prevent copy
Absolute Enable Right Click & Copy Firefox Addon


These methods allow you to copy from a website, preventing copy, right-click, and image downloading. On the other hand, they are a nightmare of genuine content makers. It is always promoted to produce authentic, unique, and valuable content for internet users rather than copy-paste plagiarism. Everyone should respect the content creator’s copyrights.

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