How To Delete Profile On Netflix 2022


If you’re unhappy with the way your Netflix profile looks or you just want to clean up your account, here’s how to delete your profile on Netflix 2022.

Netflix allows you to customize and delete your profile though how to delete profile on Netflix is a less asked question. Because when you start watching Netflix, you become obsessed with it more or less.


But still, if you have found a number of profiles on your Netflix account and want to do a clean-up, below is the complete procedure of how to delete profile on Netflix 2022.

How To Delete Profile On Netflix 2022 from an iOS or Android Device

We’re used to doing everything on a small screen. Whether you’re watching your favorite TV show on your phone or tablet using the Netflix app, you might be interested in learning more about profile deletion.


Removing a profile using the iOS application is actually incredibly simple. Whereas you can’t set parental controls or make significant edits to your account, you can delete a profile using the app. Open the Netflix app and follow these steps to remove a profile on your iPhone or iPad:

  • From the main screen that appears when you first open Netflix, there is an option to Edit. Tap on it and pencil icons will appear on your profiles.
  • Once the pencil icon appears, you can tap on the profile to move forward to delete it.
  • Tap on the profile you’d like to delete and tap on Delete.
  • If you tap Delete, a pop-up window will appear asking you if you’d like to delete the Profile. When ready, confirm, and the profile along with all of its content will be gone from your Netflix account.


If you own an Android phone or tablet, you’ll be relieved to know that you can delete a Netflix profile using the Netflix app for Android. You can, of course, use the browser method by switching to desktop mode. However, using the app is much faster, even if you must download it first.

  • Open the Netflix app on your Android device and tap on your profile icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Tap on Manage Profiles located under your profiles.
  • Select the profile you’d like to delete.
  • Tap on Delete Profile. Then, confirm.

How To Delete Profile On Netflix 2022 from a PC or Mac

Whether or not you watch your Netflix using your PC/Mac, it is entirely possible to delete a profile from these two platforms.

First and foremost, whether you use a Mac or a PC, the procedure is the same. This is because you will not be using a Netflix app designed for macOS or Windows. To delete the desired profile, use your preferred browser.

If you’re ready to delete a profile on Netflix, follow these steps:

  • Head over to the Netflix website and sign in to your account.
  • Click on Manage Profiles.
  • Click on the profile you’d like to delete.
  • Click on Delete Profile. Then, confirm.

How To Delete Profile On Netflix 2022 from a Streaming Device or Smart TV

Many (if not the vast majority) of Netflix subscribers use streaming devices and smart TVs to access their accounts. Let’s face it: this is the best way to enjoy the vast amount of content available on Netflix. As a result, you may also want to delete a profile from the streaming device/TV. Fortunately, this has been simplified so that you will not need to use your computer or smartphone/tablet device.

Although profile deletion methods vary slightly depending on the streaming device or TV you have, it is all pretty straightforward. Here is an example of how to do it on Roku or Apple TV. Things should be very similar to most streaming devices and smart TVs.

  • Using your remote, highlight the profile you’d like to delete, and the arrow down to highlight the pencil icon for edit.
  • Tap the down arrow until Delete Profile is highlighted and click it.

We have provided all steps that you can follow to delete your profile on Netflix. We hope you have learned a lot about how to delete profile on Netflix 2022.

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