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Complete Guide To Download Instagram Videos 2023

how to download instagram videos

Originally posted on 14-November-2022 @ 7:02 PM

Last Updated on (4-January-2023)

Have you ever wanted to download videos from Instagram but didn’t know where to start? There are certain ways that you can do so. Let’s talk about a couple of them today. Are you having trouble downloading Instagram videos? Well, not anymore! We’ll introduce to you ways on how to download Instagram videos. This way, you can enjoy it no matter where you are.

You might have heard how difficult it is to download a video from Instagram. However, there are certain ways and means to do so. There are many reasons why you might want to download Instagram videos. Maybe you enjoy watching your favorite Instagram videos anytime you like, or maybe you just have a hobby of collecting popular videos for your enjoyment.

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Instagram is a smartphone app that has changed the lives of many people. It is a photo-sharing platform that allows its users to explore the world through pictures rather than text. Nowadays, the most popular social media have become the platforms where users can share their ideas via visual content and that’s why Instagram has started to gain more attention compared to other media platforms like Pinterest, Vine, and Snapchat.

Remember that it's against the law to download Instagram videos with the intent of altering or sharing them as your own. You can only save videos to your computer for personal use. We shall not be held liable for any measures taken against you if you break copyrights.

How To Download Instagram Videos On Desktop 2023

You can do it manually on your PC or use an internet tool or web service to assist you. All of these methods will be demonstrated to you.

1st Way: Download Instagram Videos WIth Source Code

This is the manual method, or rather, obtaining information directly from the codes. You can find the download URL by looking at the source code of the video page.

Here’s how it’s done:

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  • Open the video that you’d like to save.
  • Select Inspect Element from the context menu by right-clicking on it. The name may alter depending on your browser, such as View page source.
  • To open the Find option, press Ctrl + F and put “.mp4” in the box.
  • The search will bring up a code part. Copy the link next to src= here (the link ends with .mp4).
  • Simply copy and paste this URL into a new tab to begin watching the video. The video can then be downloaded by right-clicking and selecting Save video as…
  • Save the video to your computer

2nd Way: Use a Downloading Tool Like VideoHunter

As a result, I’d like to propose VideoHunter, a reliable and high-quality downloader. Its simple and user-friendly interface will quickly turn you into a video download pro.

To do so, all you have to do is complete a short registration form, and this downloader will reward you with a variety of free videos.

  • Copy and paste the URL of your favorite Instagram video into the VideoHunter entry box.
  • When you click “Analyze,” you’ll be given a list of output formats to choose from.
  • Select your preferred output format and click “Download.” Its batch download feature is well worth a shot and will save you a lot of time.
  • Select an output format and save it to your computer.
  • It also allows you to store audio only by selecting “audio” from the drop-down menu beneath “Download.”

3rd Way: Use VideoProc Downloader

Another method for downloading Instagram videos is this one. However, keep in mind that you should not download any copyrighted content or videos that aren’t yours.

This type of tool just allows you to download and maintain a duplicate of videos that you own or have permission to download.

After installing the VideoProc Downloader app, perform these steps:

  • Select the Downloader Icon from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the “Add Video” icon on the following page.
  • Go to, find the video you want to save, right-click on the three dots, and choose “Copy link.” For demonstration purposes, we shall just use a video.
  • Back into VideoProc, paste the link, and select “Analyze.”
  • Finally, to download your video, click “Download Now.”

4th Way: Use an online service to download Instagram Videos

I use the free web tool DownloadVideosFrom for this. It’s a little more intuitive than others in my experience, and it adds a few extra functions that you could find useful. Here’s how to put it to use:

  • Copy the URL from the Instagram video you wish to download.
  • Open DownloadVideosFrom and paste the URL into the text box.
  • To convert and download the video, go to the Download MP4 section below.
  • You can also download MP3 (just the audio from videos) or Instagram images.

2 Ways to download Instagram videos on Android 2023

On Android, videos are immediately downloaded as soon as you watch them; all you have to do now is figure out where they are saved. You can also utilize a third-party program to download videos without having to first watch them. Let’s have a look at both methods:

Method 1: Use the app cache to get Instagram videos.

  • To get this to work, start by watching the video you wish to download. You will be able to download whichever segment you are watching. As a result, if you want the entire video, make sure you watch it all the way through.
  • Next, go to Android > data > > cache > videos in your phone’s File Manager.
  • You’ll find all of the videos you’ve watched here, and they’ll all have. Extension that is neat.
  • You may play them by tapping on them and selecting the Video option.
  • Simply rename them and replace them if you wish to convert them to an audio format.
All of these videos have been cached. These videos will be destroyed if the phone cache is cleared. You should relocate a video to a separate location if you wish to save it forever.

Method 2: Use A Third-Party App To Download Instagram Videos On Android

A third-party software would do if you want a more dependable solution that does not require you to watch each movie. Video Downloader for Instagram comes highly recommended; it’s free and the advertising isn’t too bothersome. Let’s take a look at how to put it to use:

  • Open the video you wish to download in the Instagram app and tap the menu in the top-right corner (the three vertical dots).
  • Now press the Copy link button.
  • After that, launch the Instagram Video Downloader and press the Paste option.
  • The video will be instantly downloaded and saved in the gallery after the URL is pasted.

How To Download Instagram Videos For iPhone 2023

When it comes to iOS, the alternatives are restricted, however, I do know a fantastic repost app that also grabs Instagram photographs and videos. Regrammer is a free (ad-supported) app that allows you to download any Instagram video to your iOS device.

It works in the same way as Video Downloader for Instagram does.

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  • Simply copy and paste the video URL from Instagram into the Regrammer app.
  • Then, to open and download it, touch on Preview.
  • The video will be stored on your camera roll and you will have the option to repost it.

So that is how to download Instagram videos 2023. If you use the latest version of Instagram for your smartphone, there should be no problem downloading and saving your Instagram videos. So there you have it. You can easily download Instagram videos for your own purpose. Just make sure that you follow the basic guidelines as to how to download a video on your smartphone.

If you have found this guide helpful, please share it with your friends. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comment area below.

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