A Complete Guide to invest in Pakistan Stock Exchange In 2022


Pakistan Stock exchange is the platform for investing and earn money on their investment. psxon is the online platform for easy to invest for investors.

You can learn how we buy Shares, how to exchange work, and PSX market watch strategies.

How to invest in Pakistan Stock Exchange?

Some exchanges are physical locations known as the trading floor, where trading is carried out.

This page is about all your questions about how to invest in Pakistan stock exchange market in 2022.

Today stock exchange opportunities for investment for investors and can immediately use and earn money to become Rich.

However, in Modern times the stock exchange markets, saving accounts, and CDB’s are the only possible investment channels that can be used to accumulate.


First, you have to know about the Stock Exchange.

What is a stock exchange?

A stock exchange is a platform from where you can trade or exchange stock.

You can buy or sell shares from companies, use them for investment, and then sell it to make a profit.

All these steps taken by investors are the basic purpose of making a profit.

How to invest in Pakistan Stock Exchange?

What is a share?

A share stands for a unit of possession in cooperation with financial assets. A company’s capital is divided into small qual units of a finite number. Each unit is known as a share.

How to invest in Pakistan Stock Exchange?

A Share is the single smallest denomination of a company’s stock. If you enter in stock market, the proper word is used as a Share.  A share represents a unit of stock.

What are the types of shares?

There are two types of shares and their subtypes

Reference shares

Reference shares are those that give certain types of preference rights as compared to other types of shares.

How to invest in Pakistan Stock Exchange?

The benefits of preference shareholders are,

Share of profits earned by the company

When a company winds up preference, shareholders have the first right in terms of getting repaid. The preference shares having 3 subtypes.

Cumulative preference shares

These shareholders have the right to receive arrears on dividends before any dividend is paid to equity shareholders.

Non-Cumulative preference shares

These types of shareholders have not right to claim any outstanding dividend.

Convertible preference shares

These types of shareholders having the right to convert their preference shares into equity shares at a specific time period.

Ordinary Shares

 These shares have not righted of exceptional and presence. Therefore, they are entitled to share in the company’s earnings, and they can vote at the company’s general meeting.

Equity Shares

This is the type of ordinary share. Maximum shares of the company are equity shares. They are entitled to get dividends declared by the boards of directors of the company.

How to invest in Pakistan Stock Exchange?

These types of shareholders having voting rights in the company meetings. Equity shareholders receive dividends after preference shareholders.

Differential voting right (DVR) Shares.

These types of shareholders having fewer rights to voting in company meetings than Equity shareholders.  On the other hand, the company provides extra dividends after (DVR) shareholders.

Why Does a company issues share?

Companies invest in raising funds from investors. However, they also allow stakeholders to stake in the company’s profit.

How Does Stock Exchange market work?

Pakistan Stock exchange works the same way all over the world stock exchange.

To understand how a stock exchange works, you have to need to think this is an auction. Investors have an estimate that the Company will do good bid up prices and vice versa.

All the businesses raise their Capital by Distribute shares. The buyer plans to sell them and wants to profit through the stock exchange instead of going person to person to search for a buyer to buy their share.

The stock exchange allows the complete anonymity of the person on the other end of the trade.

Types of investment in Stock exchange market

How many types of investments are in the Pakistan stock exchange market?

There are two types of investment Pakistan Stock exchange Market.

  1. Short Term Investment.
  2. Long Term Investment.

What is Short Term Investment?

The short-term traders are called Day Traders. In this investment term, these investors buy or sell shares daily, dependent on daily market values.

How to invest in Pakistan Stock Exchange?

They used for analyzing financial aspect on their exceptionally and good skill of analyzing the market on every trade.

The Type Short-term investment are:

  • CDs.
  • Money market accounts.
  • High yield saving accounts.
  • Government bonds.
  • Treasury bills.

What is long term Investment?

How to invest in Pakistan Stock Exchange?

The long-term investment in which Traders keep their shares for a long period of time till the price reaches their peak value the then thy sell their shares and Gain Maximum profit.

In this investment, they also get dividends every 3 months.

How many types of long-term investments?

There are 7 types of long-term investment in Pakistan that are often used to achieve financial goals by investors:

  • Stock Exchange.
  • Interest -paying bonds.
  • Zero-coupon bonds.
  • Mutual Funds.
  • Exchange Traded funds.
  • Alternative investment.
  • Retirement accounts.

How to invest in Pakistan Stock Exchange 2022?

Following guidelines are Considered important before investing in Pakistan Stock Market.

How to invest in Pakistan Stock Exchange?

More than 500 listed companies are distributed amongst or than 35 sectors in Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX). Therefore, the Potential investor is advised to contact a TREC (Trading Right Entitlement Certificate Holder / Licensed Brokers firms for their account opening or trading in the stock exchange.

The Broker list that is active in the Pakistan stock market and their ranking is below:

Guidelines for investing in Pakistan Stock Exchange Market 2022

  • Diversify your investment.
  • Understanding your risk profile.
  • Do your homework before you invest in stock market.
  • Think with long-term.
  • Beware of scams.
  • Keep an eye on stock’s performance and its variations.
  • Taxes & Commissions.

Basic concepts of investment

The basic concept of investment in the Pakistan Stock Exchange market are:

Dividend and Dividend Yield

An investor invests in the stock market for dividends/profit. It is the return paid to shareholders out of the profit of the Company. Dividends can be Cash or bonus dividends or shares. A company may be paid out dividends once a year.

Cash Dividend provides for a measure called the dividend yield. The Yield is a measure of cash flow in which an investor gets on the invested amount in security. This is defined in percentage.

Earnings per share (EPS)

SPS is a ratio calculated by dividing a company’s net profit after tax by the shares. Its measures the strength of the company, that is, the capability of issued shares. Companies’ issues share to increase the strength of their capital.

Book or breakup value

The value per share is calculated by dividing its total equity by its number of outstanding shares. Thus, each share represents the company.

Capital Gain

The capital gain of selling shares at a peak price than the purchasing price of shares. Thus, multiple trades provide results in multiple capital gains accruing to investors.

Price earnings Ratio(P/E)

IF the ratio of shares is over-priced, then the ratio will be high; if the ratio of shares is low-priced, then the ratio will be below. The ratio will be calculated by dividing the current shares by their EPS.


It is the process in which an asset earns from either capital gains or profit and reinvests to generate additional earnings.

Reinvestment of Dividend

This is when cash dividends or profits earned from a company are reinvested to make more profit in the stock investment market.

Guidelines for new Investors

Stock Exchange is the Market place where Companies listed shares are bought and sold. This is listed to raise the capital of the company. These Shares are traded. These share purchases showing the ownership of company shareholders.


The information contained herein is generic and is meant only for educational purposes. Nothing here is to be construed as an investment, financial, or taxation advice nor considered an invitation, solicitation, or advertisement for any financial product.

All the Readers are advised to exercise discretion and seek independent professional advice preforking any investment and taking Decisions concerning any financial product. This is not liable for any decision arising out of the use of this information.

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