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How To Lock Or Unlock Android Phone With Your Voice

How To Lock Or Unlock Android Phone With Your Voice
How To Lock Or Unlock Android Phone With Your Voice

Originally posted on 14-November-2022 @ 10:19 PM

Last Updated on (9-January-2023)

How to Lock or Unlock Android Phone with your Voice

If you want to know how to lock or unlock your phone with your voice, just read this article.

It is the smart and the most excellent feature in Android phones that it can recognize you by listening rather than any other way. So you can precisely set your phone to listen for the sound of your voice, and here is the pattern:

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  1. Go to your phone’s Settings
  2. Then go to Security option
  3. Tap on the Smart Lock > Trusted Voice
  4. Then follow the prompts to set your Android phone to unlock with your voice when it hears you say “OK Google”.
  5. If you did not train your phone to recognize your voice, do it by saying “OK Google” three times.

All done now, lock your phone and say, “OK Google.” A “Listening” cue will appear on the screen. You can skip this part and go ahead and say a voice command, or tap on dismiss the prompt and directly go to the home screen.

Lock and Unlock Your Android Using Google Assistant

As time passes, PIN and Passwords are getting old versions of security people are more interested in using Face ID and google assistant for security. It is a more interactive and exciting way to lock or unlock a phone.

Google Assistant has many cool tricks that can amuse you all day long. You can ask stuff like checking traffic, playing music, videos, news updates, nearest mall, and many more. Google Assistant is officially available on devices running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above.

Controlling your phone with your voice is pretty useful sometimes. For example, while cooking a recipe from YouTube, you can command the video stop or play. Also, if you want to text anyone while driving, it will be much easier to tell your Google Assistant to send a message rather than typing it. These are just a few advantages of Google Assistant from so many.

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