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How To Raise Invoice In – Step by Step

Have you completed work on a project and want to ask the Buyer to release the deposit funds from Escrow and pay any remaining balance but sadly, you don’t know how to raise an invoice in, then hold on, buddy, this is the article that you need to read right now!

As a seller, we love to raise invoices, and this is what this article is all about ‘how to raise invoice.’

I’ll break down the procedure in really easy steps so that you can understand it to avoid errors in your invoice.

Steps To Raise Invoice In PPH 2023

  • At the bottom of the workstream of the job you have completed, you will see amongst other provided options ‘raise invoice’. 
  • Click on this option, and then you will see a form that you need to fill.
  • Fill in the details, give the description, fill in the cost (as an option can be fixed or per hour).
  • Also, insert the date you have worked on.
  • You can also insert a new item if you want. For instance, if you did anything extra for the Buyer, you can mention it there.
  • Write your price ‘includes’ tax only if you are registered on VAT, and you have already mentioned it in your account settings.
  • Then just above, fill in the message for your Buyer. 
  • Lastly, hit send.
  • If you made a mistake and want to withdraw your invoice, you can click on the ‘cancel’ button, but it’ll still show in your workstream.
  • When you raise an invoice, the Buyer will receive a notification, and then they can either accept it or reject it.

What will happen after raising the invoice?

  • Your invoice will be forwarded to your Buyer for payment, which involves releasing any money held in Escrow up to the invoiced amount.
  • When the Buyer pays the invoice, the payment to your PPH wallet will be concocted and experience some security checks. Therefore, the status of your invoice will seem pending when it has been paid by your Buyer and is being concocted by PPH. Typically this procedure takes hours or even minutes, but it can hardly take up to 3 working days.  
  • Once the funds have been shifted to your PPH wallet, you can either pay the money from your PPH wallet right on PPH (for example, to buy services yourself or to purchase more proposal credits) or withdraw the money to your PayPal or a bank account. 

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