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How To Reactivate Easypaisa Account In 3 Ways 2023

how to reactivate easypaisa account

Originally posted on 14-November-2022 @ 10:50 PM

Last Updated on (10-January-2023)

If lately, your google searches are how to unblock Easypaisa account, how to activate suspended Easypaisa account, and how to reactivate Easypaisa account then this article is for you.

Has your Easypaisa account been temporarily suspended? If that’s the case, I’ll show you how to unblock your Easypaisa account online on your smartphone.

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I’ll also explain why your Easypaisa account was suspended and how to fix it. All you have to do is follow the steps and you’ll be fine.

Reasons Of Easypaisa Account Suspension

Easypaisa may have suspended your account for a variety of reasons. If they discover any suspicious behavior on your phone, your account will be suspended. If you have more than one Easypaisa account on the same mobile phone, be prepared to have your Easypaisa account suspended. These are the most common reasons for Easypaisa account suspension.

3 Ways To Activate Suspended Easypaisa Account 2023

The following are a few options for unblocking your Easypaisa account.

Method 1

Call 3737 or 042-111-003-737 if you’re getting an account suspension error on the Easypaisa app. They will request your CNIC number, CNIC issuance date, DOB, and other information, and your account will be unlocked within a few days.

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Method 2

If you contacted Easypaisa customer service, they recommended that you go to a nearby Telenor Bank. Then all you have to do is write an apology letter on paper and take your CNIC to a nearby Telenor Bank to get your Easypaisa account unblocked.

Method 3

If you don’t want to go to Telenor Bank, this is how practically everyone can get their Easypaisa account unblocked. Simply follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Go to the Play Store and get the Parallel Space Lite app.
  2. Open the app after it has been installed and tap the ‘Add App’ option. After that, select Easypaisa App and click ‘Add to Parallel Space.’
  3. Select ‘Speed Mode’ from the three vertical dots. Turn off the Speed Mode now (if it is turned on)
  4. Tap ‘Proceed’ after entering your Easypaisa account number.
  5. It will retrieve the OTP code, after which you must enter your Easypaisa Account Pin to have your account unblocked.

Wrapping Up

This article has shared the top 3 ways to unblock the Easypaisa account in 2023. I also used the procedure described above, and it worked for me. Let me know whether or not it worked for you in the comments. You can also save this page to your favorites for future reference.

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