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How To Replace Handwritten Notes With Digital Ones 2023

How To Replace Handwritten Notes With Digital Ones
How To Replace Handwritten Notes With Digital Ones

Originally posted on 14-November-2022 @ 9:21 PM

Last Updated on (7-January-2023)

In this era of digitalization, almost every next thing has been replaced by computers. Similarly, note taking has also been digitized due to its many advantages. If you have a habit of taking notes from pen, and want to digitize them, don’t worry, this article has got the best solutions for you! There are many ways in which you can digitize your hand written notes:

How Do I Convert Handwritten Notes To Digital?

Many users ask this question as to how do I convert notes to digital notes? Hand written notes can be converted to digital by using many tools available on the internet:

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  • Audio Recorded Tools: Among the many audios recorded tools which can be used later to convert into notes. While, we are on call, sometimes, it gets difficult to pen down notes, thus, this type of tool ensures that outgoing and incoming audio calls are saved to be used as handy notes later.
  • Typed Notes: You can simply type your notes onto your tablet/computer for use. This typing is made easier with the help of many applications, through which you can sort, organise, highlight, and make note taking an interesting task rather than a tedious one.
  • Photo Notes: Scanning the photos of your hand written notes is another best way to digitise your notes. You can simply take pictures of notes and upload them into the many applications available to get typed notes. Although these notes might not be very accurate due to differences in handwriting, they can be further edited to save time and make the notes usable.
  • Hand Written Notes: You can now simply write your digital notes on the devices with touch features. These devices enable the user to handwrite their notes on the screen instead of on the paper. This is very useful for you if you still like to hand write notes.
  • Drawings: Drawing is another interesting way to take digital notes. Many applications show how to easily draw your desired sketch for note taking purposes. This is particularly useful for students of arts, design and architecture as they can work on their model while note taking.
  • Comments or Annotation: This can be done on the file which is already available on the internet and you want to write notes on it. What you can do is add comments or your feedback on the book file which you are going through to ensure that you remember each point when you are again revising your work.

Benefits Of Taking Electronic Notes:

  • Saves time
  • Easily accessible on multiple devices
  • Sync
  • Encrypted and Secure
  • Organizing becomes easy
  • Drawing and sketching
  • Can be used by many group members for group projects
  • Interesting

How Do You Convert Handwriting To Type?

There are many applications which can be used to aid in note taking:

  • Notion: Notion provides a very high user experience to its customers with its rapid note taking way. You can simply drag the entire web page in the application, and add notes according to your need which can be easily restructured and edited later.
  • Call Recorder iPhone App: The Call Recorder app ensures that all the calls are recorded which can be later used by the user to type their notes. You can download Call Recorder app iPhone for free from the Apple store to record calls. The download of thiscall recording apptakes very minimal time but is very useful to users who tend to have long meetings on audio calls.
  • EverNote: EverNote is probably one of the best applications for note taking. As the name suggests; Evernote helps the user in adding images, video clipping, audio notes etc on to your notes. The best part about this app is that it offers very good backup and can be simultaneously used on many devices; mobile phone, tablet, PC etc.
  • Simple Notes: Simple notes is one of the most user friendly applications for notes taking. Thus, by using this application, you can easily convert your handwritten notes into typed ones. An additional feature which distinguishes this app from others is that it offers a simple tag facility whereby you can tag your notes, and easily search through them later according to your need.
  • Notability: This is another application which works in real time and can be used by multiple users. This is particularly useful for group projects and offers various features for drawing and designing using PDF annotation tools.
  • Standard Notes: This application is particularly useful for users who want to keep their notes safe and secure as it offers a strong end-to-end encryption by which users can encrypt their documents so that they are inaccessible to third parties.


Nowadays, it has become very simple to convert your handwritten notes into electronic notes. Our article has mentioned many ways in which typed notes can be converted by using various applications available on the internet. These applications ensure that the data is not only protected through encryption, but it can also be accessed from multiple devices. Audio calls, photos etc can all be easily converted into digital notes for user’s convenience.

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