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How to Resize and Optimize JPEG Images – 2023 Guide

There are many reasons you might need to optimize or resize a JPEG image file. One reason is that the file is too large. This could slow down your website if you are using it as an image on the homepage, for example.

This article will show you how to resize JPEG and optimize your image by examining what makes images huge in size and leading you through methods for reducing their size. Here is an example of a resized and optimized image of Hello World! the text I created with GIMP, thanks to this tutorial:

What is JPEG image file?

JPEG is the acronym of the Joint Photographic Experts Group. It is a file format designed for compressing photographic images. It allows you to save digital photos in smaller sizes than TIFF or other graphics formats. However, it has a disadvantage in that it reduces the image quality.

How to resize and optimize jpeg images

Digital cameras produce images in a particular format (JPEG, TIFF, RAW, etc.) which are stored as files on the camera’s memory card. A jpeg image can be resized to reduce its file size. This optimization process does not affect the quality of the image, only its file size.

Tiff formats can be resized and optimized as well, but are a little more complex.

The following steps apply to most digital cameras and can be done with free software that comes with a Minimum of Windows 7 (Windows 7 may require downloading additional software). To resize, optimize and rename a JPEG image:

Step 1: Right-click on your JPEG image and choose “Properties” from the menu

Step 2: Click on the “Advanced” tab and click on “Options” in the lower-left corner

Step 3: Choose a lower resolution (for example 800×600 or 1024×768) from the drop-down list under “Resolution”. You will have to experiment with this setting depending on your monitor size. Keep in mind that larger monitors may require higher resolutions for comfortable viewing (see illustration below). Next, check “Use lossless compression” if it is an option.

How to Resize and Optimize JPEG images Online

I had a difficult time resizing and optimizing my JPEG images to the desired dimensions because I didn’t know of any good online tools that would do it for me. Ultimately, I found some great tools that could help me resize JPEG files at no cost.

Description: I’ve been looking around and found a few online tools that will allow you to convert, resize and optimize your image files: is an online image tool that will allow you to convert, resize and optimize your JPEG images to different resolutions in just one click. The online tool is very easy to use and offers support for many different file formats including BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, PSD, etc. After uploading your images to their servers they’ll be optimized immediately.

You can also opt to have your original image deleted after the conversion is complete. I really like that this website will convert both landscape and portrait-oriented images into one or other orientations automatically as well as make sure that your graphics are sharpened correctly before optimizing them for the web.

TinyPNG.Com is an image optimizer for PNGs and JPGs. It’s super fast — lossless compression means there’s no quality loss! It’s completely free for personal use. You can also integrate Tiny


I hope that you will find this article useful and I trust that it will help in solving the problem of how to resize JPEG images. When resizing pictures and photomontages, try not to forget about using a resample image editing tool. This way, you will greatly reduce the risk of decreasing an image’s quality while at the same time retaining an acceptable file size. Thanks for reading.

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