How To See Hidden Whatsapp Status 2022


If you want to view the WhatsApp status of someone but the status is hidden, how can you see it? Well, we have been in this situation when someone hides the status. And in this guide we will share how to see hidden WhatsApp status in 2022.

WhatsApp is a huge social networking platform designed solely for rapid messaging between close relatives and friends. This is why you must know a person’s phone number in order to view their WhatsApp profile.


WhatsApp, on the other hand, did not get this far without a lot of hard work and significant modifications. The site has undergone a number of cosmetic and privacy improvements in recent years to better fit the needs of its users.

WhatsApp had a Business Account function, similar to Instagram, however, it was withdrawn owing to a number of discrepancies. To compensate, WhatsApp launched a new platform called WhatsApp Business, which has more than 500 million downloads.

Today, we’ll discuss whether or not it’s feasible to see a person’s hidden WhatsApp status (when they’ve chosen to hide their WhatsApp status updates from you).

Possible Ways To See Hidden Whatsapp Status 2022

What can you do if you can’t see someone’s status because they hide it? Read on to find the answer to this question.

1- Ask Them Directly To Unhide Status From You

This option might not be the greatest decision for you if you’ve just started talking to this person. Directly discussing such a topic with them may reduce your chances of remaining friends in the future.

This is the greatest choice for you if this individual is a close friend of yours or if you’ve been monitoring their status for a long time.

They’ll understand if you go to them and tell them you haven’t been able to monitor their status in a while.

Furthermore, they may have unintentionally removed you from their list of status viewers. If you don’t go to them and tell them about the mistake, they may never know. The greatest method to fix a problem is to speak with someone face to face.

2- Use A Mutual Friend’s Phone To See The Hidden Whatsapp Status

If you’re reading this, we’re guessing you’re not particularly close to this person. In this instance, the best option for you is to not be concerned.

They may be hesitant to reveal their status since they do not yet feel connected to you. Is it guaranteed, though, that they’ll keep their story hidden from you indefinitely?

If you still want to know what’s going on with them, check one of your mutual friends’ phones for their latest status updates. If you don’t have any mutual friends, though, we’re afraid there’s nothing extra you can do.

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