Here Is How To Unblock A Phone Number On Android Easily In 2022


Have you ever blocked a number on your smartphone only to realize later that you would rather still receive calls from that same number? In which case, what can a person do to unblock a phone number on android? So, here is how to unblock a phone number on android.

Step-By-Step Method To Unblock A Phone Number On Android 2022

How to unblock a phone number on android 2022? I get this question a lot. So, I created an article that teaches people how to do it. It’s actually very simple, you can follow the steps outlined in my super easy step-by-step tutorial

Open the Phone app.

Tap More > Call history or Recents > Blocked numbers and find the number you want to unblock, then tap Unblock.



Open Settings > Apps & notifications (or Settings on an older version of Android) and tap App info > Phone app > Storage and clear data.

If your phone has a built-in call blocking feature, it may be located in the same menu as your call log or recent calls list if you have one, or in its own separate menu or tab depending on your device manufacturer’s skin and version of Android.

For example, a Samsung Galaxy S8 running Nougat would give you the option to block numbers by opening the Phone app, tapping More from the top-right corner of its screen, tapping Settings from that bottom menu, selecting Call settings from the next menu that appears shortly thereafter, selecting Call rejection from within that new menu after which point you can then tap Auto reject list to access your block list where you can manage blocked numbers accordingly (you can also access this exact same location by opening your phone’s Contacts app as well).

How To Unblock A Phone Number On Android 2022

You can unblock a number from the call log or from the contacts list.

  • Tap the call option, for the number you want to unblock.
  • Tap Unblock (phone icon).


Tap UNBLOCK. It’s a white button with the word “UNBLOCK” written in blue letters, at the bottom of the “Blocked contacts” menu. Tap OK. This confirms that you want to unblock the number, which will allow calls and texts from it to be sent to your phone again.

Confirm that you want to allow calls from this number by tapping OK.

When you see the pop-up window that asks if you’d like to allow calls from this number, tap OK.

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