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How to Unlock Gree AC Remote – A Full Guide

Are you facing trouble with your Gree AC remote’s lock feature? Don’t worry; I’ll guide you through the simple process of unlocking it step-by-step. By following these instructions, you’ll regain access to all the functions of your remote without any hassle.

How to Unlock Gree AC Remote

The privacy lock feature in Gree AC remotes is intentionally designed to prevent accidental activation or deactivation.

To activate the privacy lock, press and hold the Up ▲ and Down ▼ buttons on your remote simultaneously for a few seconds (usually three to five seconds, depending on your remote model).

A Video Guide To Unlock your Gree AC Remote

Once enabled, you’ll see a padlock symbol displayed on the remote’s screen.

When the privacy lock is on, pressing any button will cause the lock symbol to flash, and the corresponding function of that button won’t work.

To restore your remote’s normal functions, you must disable the privacy lock.

To do this, repeat the same procedure as when turning it on: press and hold the Up ▲ and Down ▼ buttons together for three to five seconds until the lock symbol disappears. Your remote should now function normally.

Please note that some Gree mini-split remotes, like the Gree Universal Remote compatible with Gree 9,000 to 30,000 BTU air conditioners, may have plus (+) and minus (-) symbols instead of Up ▲ and Down ▼ symbols.

In such cases, you can enable and disable the privacy lock by holding the (+) and (-) buttons simultaneously.

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