How to use Free Fire redeem code for FFIC on Rewards Redemption Site today January 20, 2022

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Redeem codes are an attractive option for players to get free rewards in Free Fire. Developers typically give them out upon hitting a particular milestone on live streams or the game’s social media handles.

Today, the FF finals took place, and Team Elite secured first place over PVS Gaming esports by a narrow gap of 1 point. In addition, this tournament also featured milestone rewards based on viewership, all of which were crossed during the stream.

A new code for the Pakistani region has now been released. Players can go ahead and redeem it to get the rewards to their accounts.

How to redeem FFICJGW9NKYT code of FFIC on the Free Fire Rewards Redemption Site

As mentioned above, a new code has been released – FFICJGW9NKYT. Upon successful redemption, the user will be eligible to claim the following rewards:

How to use Free Fire redeem code
  • Pickup Truck – Fancy Ride
  • Custom Room Card
  • Mag-7 Executioner
  • FFIC Gold Token (can be used to redeem one of the four rewards between Skyler, Beaston, M4A1 skin, and One-Finger Push-up.)

Here are the steps that players can follow to redeem the code and receive the rewards in their account:

Step 1: The first thing they need to do is visit the official Rewards Redemption Site on their device. The code can only be redeemed on this specific website.

Tapping on this URL will redirect users to the Rewards Redemption Site.

Step 2: Gamers must now complete their sign-in; they have to do so using the platform linked to their Free Fire account.

How to use Free Fire redeem code

Step 3: Once the login process is completed successfully, the code for the FFIC finals can be pasted into the text box.

Step 4: Players can finally tap on the “Confirm” option to redeem the rewards for this code.

How to use Free Fire redeem code

After successfully doing so, they can head over to the in-game mail section in Free Fire to claim the items mentioned above.

Note: The redeem code released for FFIC (free fire India Championship) only works for players with an account in the Indian region. All those from elsewhere will encounter an error on their screens.

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