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How To View Telenor Call/SMS History Online 2023

Wanna check the call history of the Telenor number? Checking Telenor call history is a pretty simple process as you can view Telenor Call/SMS History Online 2023 with Telenor eCare login account.

With the Telenor eCare login Account, you can manage your Telenor number and can have complete access to your Telenor SIM account such as check bills, view Telenor call/SMS history, Telenor internet packages, and many more.

Here is how you can view Telenor Call/SMS History with Telenor eCare login account.

Check Call SMS and Internet History With Telenor eCare Login 2023

The Telenor call history checking process is very easy. All you need is to log in to your Telenor eCare account to check your Call, SMS, and internet history.

Telenor eCare Login Process 2023

Telenor support like live chat or call helpline is very useful. But eCare registration is a trait that allows you to access your all sim details online. So, Here is how to log in to Telenor eCare.

  1. To login to eCare, click here.
  2. Click on Sign in with CONNECT
  3. Enter your mobile number and pick a password.
  4. In the next step, you will get a pin to your mobile number, enter this pin and access your sim online.
  5. Now, you can see Telenor eCare dashboard.
  6. You can watch all of your sim details and can activate and deactivate new packages from here very easily.
  7. Here you can get details of your recharge history, payment history, and my statements.
  8. You can view your call SMS and internet history of your past week.
  9. You can also get the MY Telenor App for easy access.
  10. Telenor process your personal information according to their privacy statement and all relevant laws governed by the PTA.

Benefits Of Telenor eCare Connect Login Account

  • Check your sim details and account information
  • View Call History plus SMS history
  • You can also view your Telenor remaining MBs
  • Also, you can watch the Internet Package Usage and its history
  • Check details of any active package and their remaining resources
  • View Your free minutes, SMS, and Internet History
  • This account will become your Digital ID for useing across all of Telenor’s services like My Telenor App.

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So, this was all about how to check Telenor call history records online. If you still have any query feel free to ask in the comments below.

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