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Instantic SMS Jazz Unsubscribe Code – Easy Unsubscription 2023

If you wish to unsubscribe from Instantic SMS Jazz, all you need to do is send a simple message saying “Unsub” to the number 6070. or Can try this code *6070*4#

Jazz Smart SMS Service, also called Jazz Instantic SMS, is a special kind of messaging that works differently. It makes sure that your message gets delivered to the person you sent it to, even if their phone is turned off.

Always remember one important thing: Instantic/Smart SMS can deliver your message to a phone number even if that number has been turned off for a while.

As soon as the number gets turned on again, Instantic/Smart SMS will make sure that your message reaches the recipient within seconds.


JAZZ Instantic/SMART SMS is a special service that ensures your SMS messages reach the intended recipient, even if their phone is turned off. It works in a clever way: your messages can still be delivered, even if the receiver’s phone is not powered on.

This means you don’t have to worry about whether the person’s phone is on or off when you send them a message.

JAZZ Instantic/SMART SMS takes care of getting your messages through. So you can communicate with others easily. No matter the status of their phone.

Instantic SMS Jazz Unsubscribe Code

Offer NameInstantic SMS
Sub-CodeSend SUB to 6070 or dial *6070#
Unsub-CodeSend “UNSUB” to 6070
Offer NameMonthly Charges
Subscription CostRs.15 + tax (Monthly)
Available forJazz Postpaid Customers
Service ManagementCommands
To Block Smart SMS ServiceSend BLOCK to 6070
To Unblock Smart SMS ServiceSend UNBLOCK to 6070

In the table above, you can find the service management commands for the Smart SMS Service.

To block the service, simply send the keyword “BLOCK” to the number 6070.

Conversely to unblock the service and resume receiving Smart SMS messages. send the keyword “UNBLOCK” to the same number.

How to send Smart SMS as a subscriber?

To send a Smart SMS, remember to add a prefix before the recipient’s number. The prefix is “66”. So, when you send the SMS.

Make sure to add “66” before the recipient’s number.

For example, if the recipient’s number is 030XXXXXXXX, you need to send the SMS to 66030XXXXXXXX.

How do I unsubscribe from smart SMS?

To unsubscribe from Smart SMS, you simply need to send a message saying “UNSUB” to the number 6070. Once you send this message, you will be successfully unsubscribed from the Smart SMS service.

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