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How to do jazz call packages complete details 2023

how to jazz call package complete details

Originally posted on 30-November–0001 @ 12:00 AM

Last Updated on (21-January-2023)

Jazz Call Packages 2023 started its operation formally in 1994. Within a short time period, this company earned a good name. Year by Year the graph of Jazz telecom started talking to the sky. In 2015 Jazz Buy Warid Telecom company and merge all customers to Jazz. It was a great success for Mobilink just because of its valued services and people’s trust. Jazz offers affordable daily package plans that contain minutes, SMS, and internet data. In this guide, you will find the complete list of Jazz Call Packages

Jazz Call Packages Daily 2023

Jazz daily call package list contains a number of package plans with 24 hours expiry. Jazz Punjab and Jazz Sindh packages are popular on the daily list. Both package plans contain enough amount of calling minutes that are valid for 24 hours. Jazz Apna Shehr package is designed for specific cities to fulfill user requirements. Following is the list of Jazz Daily Package plans.

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Jazz offering a daily call package with a different variation that helps the different communities of the users. Jazz Super Bundle is the daily package plan that contains 250 jazz to jazz calling minutes. The activation code of this package is *212#.

If you don’t want this package then unsubscribe by dialing *212*4#. The package expires on the same day at midnight. Like daily package plans Jazz offering 3 days bundle only for 36 rupees. For activating Jazz 3-day bundle you need to dial *211#. The 3-day bundle can be unsubscribed by dialing *211*4#.

Jazz Call Packages weekly 2023

Jazz arranged its package plans that are affordable for all types of users. Jazz Weekly Call packages contain enough voice data that can fulfill users’ weekly telecom desires. Jazz Weekly voice offer is popular because of the low price and enough voice data.

The price of this Weekly Jazz Call packages plan is 70 rupees that change from time to time. Jazz Weekly call packages are expired after 7 days and require a subscription again for further use. Jazz Haftwar All-rounder package can be subscribed only in rupee 120.

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Users can avail of 10000 on-net calling minutes along with other benefits. Jazz contains both prepaid and postpaid package plans for its users. A new user can enjoy the Jazz New SIM Offer that contains 1500 on-net minutes, 1500 SMS, and 1500 MBS for the next 7 days.

For ease of users Jazz designed several weekly voice packages. Scroll down and visit all Jazz weekly call packages with the smart detail button. 

Jazz Weekly Super Duper offer belongs to Weekly call package plans. It contains 1500 on-net Jazz to Jazz minutes, 1500 SMS for all networks, and 25 off-net minutes for one week. The price of the Jazz Weekly Super Duper offer is 210 rupees.

The price of the package can change anytime by Jazz. If you are not a Jazz customer then you can enjoy the New Sim offer that contains 1500 Jazz to Jazz minutes, 1500 SMS, and 1500 Internet Data for browsing the internet with the price of rupee 100.

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Jazz is old company have a good experience and knows the need of customers. Jazz know what user want so package plans are designed that cover each aspect carefully. The price of Jazz super Duper offer that contains 1000 on-net, 1000 SMS, and 25 off-net minutes is 150 rupee plus tax. For activating this amazing user need to dial *8770#. 

Some Jazz package contains only calling minutes and some are SMS and internet Data. But Jazz has introduced a hybrid package that contains calling minutes, SMS, and Internet Data to forget the advantage of each type of data that the user requires in an entire week. 

Jazz Hybrid offers an expiry time is 7 days. The activation code of this package is *407#. The price of the package is 75 including tax. Users need to recharge 98 rupees for this package.

If you think this package is not suitable then unsubscribe by dialing *407*4#. Like hybrid package, there is another amazing package with the name of Weekly All Network Package.

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This package contains 700 Jazz minutes, 50 off-net minutes, and 250 MB of internet Data. The expiry of this package is 7 days. The price is only 120 rupees including tax. The activation code of Jazz Weekly All Network minutes is *700#.   

Jazz Call Packages Monthly 2023

Jazz is a growing telecom company. The active number of Jazz users in Pakistan is 60 million. A new user joining Jazz day by day. Jazz always brings something new for its users that attract maximum customers.

Now the new and current attractive offer by jazz is the SIM Lagao Offer. This offer contains 3000 on-net minutes, 3000 SMS, and 1500 MBS for returning users. Just back your sim on your mobile and enjoy this amazing offer. Put your sim back dial *551# and enjoy the SIM Lagao Offer.

Jazz hybrid offer contains maximum calling minutes, SMS, and internet data for one-month Jazz call packages. Hybrid offers contain 10000 on-net minutes, 10000 SMS, and 10000 MBS. The price of this package is 390 plus tax. The activation code of the Jazz Hybrid package is *430#.

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Status can be checked by dialing *430*2#. Some monthly package plans are designed by Jazz for a specific area like Mandi Bahud din, Pishin, Dinga, etc. Package plans for specific areas can be changed anytime as per company policy.

Jazz Super Duper Card contains 2000 On-net minutes, 2000 SMS, 2000 MBS, and 150 off-net minutes that are valid for one month. The price of this card is 600 only. Visit below Jazz Monthly call packages and enjoy yourself with Jazz. 

The frequent caller feels not good to activate package plans after every day or week. They want to call minutes to continue without time restriction and package expiry. Jazz has designed Monthly and 6 Month package plans for solving this issue.

After activating 30 days package plans users don’t need to think about expiry and dialing the activation code. Jazz monthly Call Packages contain unlimited calling minutes with a different incentive like SMS and internet data.

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One-time monthly subscription relief your mind a full month from getting a package plan again. Following is the complete list of Jazz monthly call package plans. 

Three days Jazz Call Packages 2023

Jazz tries to cover the taste of all types of users. 3-day package plans suitable for those who want a package for up to one-day expiry but not should be valid for a week. Because weekly package plans are more expensive. Jazz Call Package 3 Days offers 500 on-net minutes in 36 rupees only.

The activation code of this amazing package plan is *211#. Jazz call packages 3 days is famous and popular because of low price and long expiry time.

The price of this package is 36 rupees. If you want to know the procedure of activating the Jazz Call Packages for 3 days stick your eyes on the below paragraph. Complete detail with activation code is available.

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Actually, 3 days package is designed for the weekend to celebrate with family and friends. You can make your holiday colorful with Jazz’s exciting 3 days offer with an easy and affordable connection. Students are specially targeted by Jazz to provide the facility to connect with family also discuss with friends regarding study and upcoming projects.

3 days package provides confidence regarding the long call. Don’t fear out of balance or package expire make unlimited 3 days call with Jazz call packages 3 days.  

  • 500 On-Net Minutes
  • Expiry: 48 Hours
  • Subscription:  *211#
  • Un-Subscription:  *211*4#
  • Info String:*211*3#
  • Status String:  *211*2#

Terms & Conditions three days call packages 2023

  •  Jazz 3-day bundle can be changed any time by Jazz Telecom.
  • This is a limited-time offer.
  • All terms and conditions will apply.
  • The user will charge a call setup fee of 0.15 plus tax on each call.
  • On recharge balance withholding tax of 12.5 % applies.
  • Apart from withholding tax operation fee of 5.11% and service charges of 5% on recharge will apply.
  • The user also has to pay 19.5 % FED on recharge.
  • User living in the federal area pay an extra 2.14% than areas include Fata, Ajk, Gilgit.

Terms and conditions

  1. Users can switch from one package to another but the previous package will expire automatically.
  2. Jazz call packages on this page are designed for prepaid and postpaid customers.
  3. The jazz call package is reactivated again if the customer has enough balance. 
  4. If the user does not have enough balance then the package will expire automatically at the specific time.
  5. General rules and regulations apply to all customers.
  6. Jazz package plans can be changed any time by Jazz.
  7. Income tax is applied on all refunds that are 12 percent.
  8. Sales tax is 17 percent in the territory of Islamabad.
  9. Apart from Islamabad, the sales tax is 19 percent.
  10. 12.5 withholding tax is applied on recharge.
  11. Without any package subscription charge per SMS is 0.75.
  12. The charge of Calls per minute without a package is 1.5 rupees.
  13. For getting any kind of information dial *111#.
  14. Information related to Jazz Internet Dial *446#
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