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KWSB Duplicate Bill Online 2023 Check, Download and Print

kwsb duplicate bill

Originally posted on 14-November-2022 @ 7:13 PM

Last Updated on (5-January-2023)

Here you can look at the details of the Karachi Water And Sewerage Board KWSB duplicate bill online 2023. Now we have mentioned to you the actual process and method which will help and guide you in checking the Karachi Water And Sewerage Board KWSB duplicate bill online.

KWSB Online Duplicate Retail Bill

In this box Enter Your Consumer No to Check KWSB Duplicate Bill Online 2023

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Let us know if you have more questions and if this Karachi Water And Sewerage Board bill gets misplaced by your side, then you follow the online checking and receiving method.

KWSB Duplicate Bill Online 2023 Check, Download and Print

Enter your relevant consumer number to verify your Karachi Water and Sewerage Board KWSB retail duplicate bill. You will receive your appropriate KWSB bill via an online e-service facility. KWSB provides duplicate invoices via online services. Here is the whole procedure to check KWSB online duplicate bills.

If you are involved in the process of checking your Karachi Water And Sewerage Board KWSB online duplicate bill 2023, then make sure that Acrobat Reader has been installed in your system. If it is not installed, then the copy of your E-bill will not come and be generated on your system.

How to check KWSB online duplicate bill 2023 with consumer reference number

To check your KWSB duplicate bill, you should ensure that Acrobat Reader is installed in your system. A copy of your e-bill will not be generated if it is not installed. You need a consumer number in this method, easily found on the previous month’s bills.

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to check your online kwsb duplicate bill, follow the Given steps

  1. Open Our Website
  2. Now, in the blank field, type your consumer number.
  3. Your prior bill will include your consumer number.
  4. Prove Your Self I am not A robot to Solve the ReCaptcha option
  5. To view your KWSB Duplicate bill, click the submit button.
  6. To print this bill, select print or Ctrl+p.
  7. You Got Your Bill

About KWSB

Because of the scarcity of water issue, this board has been set up in the city of Karachi. It supplies water to the residents of this city of Karachi all through the induction and installation of pipelines.

Note down that in the year 1996, the new Act, which was given the name of Karachi Water & Sewerage Board Act 1996, came out and managed to be enforced.

This Act handed over all of the duties and powers concerning the making and development of legal framework as well as specification of functions and also making financial guidelines.

This KWSB body has always helped and facilitated its consumers. One of their important functions is to undertake the bulk production processes and also filtration processes. They do the retain distribution of water. This body is responsible to do pumping and treatment and at the same time disposal processing of industrial waste. The bill, charge and collect the water and sewerage charges.

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To the delegation of management, they are all provided and handed over to the Karachi Water & Sewerage Board. By making use of their e-services, you can quickly check your KWSB.

Steps To getting KWSB Duplicate Bill Online 2023

To check your Karachi Water And Sewerage Board KWSB retail duplicate bill, you have to enter your consumer number. As soon as you enter your consumer number details, a copy of your online duplicate bill will be given to you. Your consumer number has to be official and current so that no error is faced by you.

Get the online KWSB duplicate bill copy 2023 and save yourself from this bill misplacing issue. Next time, you can follow and opt for this online duplicate bill receiving method and share your feedback that how much it comes out to be quick and fast for you.

On the other hand, if you want to get in hand the bulk bill details for yourself, then you have to follow this same process and same way enter your consumer number information.

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How to Pay KWSB Bill Online

Karachi Water and Sewerage board also provides online bill payment services. You can pay your kwsb bill through your mobile banking app. and You can also pay your kwsb bills through the JazzCash and Easypaisa app.


So this was a complete Helpful article for online kwsb duplicate bill Karachi water and sewerage boards bills. For further details and notifications, you can visit their website.



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