Top 9 Motu Patlu Games to Play On Mobile Devices in 2022

Motu and patlu is an animated tv series for kids. But in this article, I am going to share the top ten Motu Patlu Games. Best friends Motu and Patlu live in Furfuri Nagar and always fall into trouble. To get out of those problems, often due to Motu’s clumsy actions, they eventually get help from their other friends.

We categorized the Motu Patlu games into nine various positions. These Motu Patlu Games was developed by Nazara Technologies, a tech company based in India.

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Motu Patlu Games List 2022

Here is the list of Motu Patlu Games is given below. Check out these games and share your Motu Patlu Games experience in the comment section. for more about gaming

1: Motu Patlu Games Speed Racing

Motu Patlu Game
credit: Google Playstore

Motu Patlu Speed Racing is a game of Motu and Patlu traveling to exciting worlds of Furfuri Nagar, Egypt, Jungle, etc.. and their adventures in the most fun, dangerous and exciting places in the world. The main objective in this game is to Race till the end of the level quickly and collect as many coins as possible to unlock new vehicles and upgrade powerups.

In between the Race, the player will face John and his goons, menacing the town and its people. You’ll have to help Motu Patlu and keep teaching these goons a lesson from time to time and save the people from getting troubled!

Motu and Patlu can collect puzzle pieces in the level to complete puzzles and unlock a very personal level too!

Motu Patlu Games Speed Racing Features

1. Play with Motu Patlu!
2. Drive lots of different vehicles!
3. Zoom through many worlds like Furfuri Nagar, Jungles, and Alien World!
4. Collect pieces of the puzzle for playing an extra secret level!

2: Motu Patlu Games King of Hill Racing

Motu Patlu Game

It’s FINALLY here! Motu Patlu in an adventure, racing, stunt, and hill climb style game!

Motu Patlu is off on a new adventure, and this time they need to race at high speed and climb up and over twisty, bumpy, curvy hill roads.

Motu Patlu Games King of Hill Racing Features

– Choose among many different cars and bikes invented by Dr. Jhatka
– High-Speed Racing chase and hill climb through the countryside and city and many more levels.
– Beautiful art with super stunt and racing tracks.
– Varied gameplay for Motu and Patlu – Motu collects samosas, and Patlu collects bulbs.

3: Motu Patlu Games Jump

Motu Patlu Game

Jump with Motu and Patlu!

Climb as high as you can by playing Motu, Patlu, Chingam, Ghasitaram, Dr. Jhatka, and John the Don!

Collect coins and reach for the top! Climb through the mountain, dodging traps and destroying objects in your path. Collect coins, gems, rockets, and other powers to climb faster than ever. Use your coins to unlock the entire cast of Motu Patlu Jump.

Save your friends!
Your friends will fall once their jump stops, and you can now save them to help out! Save and be held in return!

Motu Patlu Jump! – Jump to climb as high as possible!
JUMP to climb higher
DODGE traps and spikes
DESTROY objects in your way
Ride on rockets
Collect Coins
Get multipliers
Get Mystery Boxes and their rewards
Complete missions
SAVE your friends, be saved in return
COMPETE on leaderboards

Motu Patlu Games Jump Features

Motu Patlu & Friends – Play as your favorite Motu Patlu Character.
Jump and Climb as Motu, Patlu, Inspector Chingam, Dr Jhatka, Ghasitaram and John the Don!
Play with friends for leaderboard rankings!
Enjoy the game with Mystery Boxes and Special Gifts in this family-friendly arcade game!

4: Motu Patlu Games Arrow Attack

Motu Patlu Game

Motu is doing archery practice to qualify Olympic games. He practices this game in a calm place near a jungle spot. To score best, to the best point, he hired a machine that randomly threw a Makhan matka. You can practice improving your concentration by playing this archery game.

A good sound of arrow fire and Matka cracking explore the wellness of the environment. This Motu Patlu Arrow Attack game is free to download on android mobile and free to play. This game is very exclusive for toddlers and teenagers. The gameplay of Motu Patlu Arrow Attack makes you addicted and crazy.

Motu Patlu Games Arrow Attack Salient features

– Fine appearance of bow and arrow position
– Easy to handle arrow
– Easy to fire
– Fine control
– Free to download
– Free to play
– Sharp 3D look
– Best panoramic view

5: Motu Patlu Games Cannon Battle

Motu Patlu Game

Help Patlu rescue Motu from John the Don and his dangerous gang! Fire off the Super Power Cannon as you trigger prolonged chain reactions that are just an absolute delight to watch!

Test your brain as you go on this brand new adventure through iconic locations from Furfuri Nagar, collecting delicious samosas, but be warned some of them are tricky!

As you take,e Aim, you’ll encounter exceptional items such as Closed Doors, Trampolines, Stones, Destructible Bricks, and even Portals! Explore all these items, and so much more come as you help Patlu take down the Evil John the Don.

Play through the massive collection of 50+ levels in this exciting puzzle game.
Teleport through Portals, brick bricks, and cause epic chain reactions as you take down members of John Don’s gang. Do you have what it takes to stop John the Don and save Motu? And more importantly, can you get all those tasty samosas?

Motu Patlu Games Cannon Battle Features

• Large jaw-dropping chain reactions
• Use a large assortment of items to blast your way through
• Collect Samosas and show them off to your friends

6: Motu Patlu Games Stick Puzzle Heros

Motu Patlu Game

It’s time to face the Stick challenge! Motu and Patlu ki Jodi has reached the platforms and are waiting for you. So stretch your stick and get to the next platform. Collect those delicious Samosas along the way and earn more points.

Tease your brain with this fun-filled game with a unique gameplay experience.

Stretch the stick to reach and walk on the platforms. Watch out! If the stick is not long enough, you will fall! Stretch to the perfect length to earn bonus points. Collect Samosas to unlock new characters from the show.

Motu Patlu Games Stick Puzzle Heros Features

– Excellent game mechanics
– Easy controls
– Awesome game environment
– Special characters to unlock

7: Motu Patlu Games Train Simulator

Motu Patlu Game

Motu Patlu Train Simulator Game

Train driving is a tiring job. It is controlled by a simulator and station control. Motu and Patlu of furfurinagar tried to drive a train on a Train Simulator. You can also try to move the train on Simulator Game. This game has a highly realistic process of train travel operation. Junction points, jack connection, etc. process feel like real exposure of train lining.

It would help prevent the train from crashing with other trains and give an adventurous experience. The graphics of this game look like 3D. The panoramic view of gameplay gives an excitement to play this game more and more. Children and adolescents are crazy to play Motu Patlu Train Simulator Game
. This game is free for download and play.
How to play
Touch on the start point to start the train. Click and set junction points to clear the track line. Mind the crashing of trains.

Motu Patlu Games Train Simulator Salient Features

Smooth control
Less memory required
It looks like 3D graphics
Real train driving experience
Panoramic train view
Free to download
Easy install
Best Android game
Identified as fast download

8: Motu Patlu Games Truck Simulator

Motu Patlu Game

Once Motu, Patlu, Chingam, Dr. Jhatka, and other friends plan to drive the truck. So, they walk out to the highway to take the truck ride. But, there is one problem: no one knows to drive a car, and they have no earlier truck driving experience. So, they try to move on the truck driving simulator first. You can help them out to escape the hurdles of traffic.

Some unique feature is to collect coins and a life gift pack during play. Coins and life pack appears randomly. You will enjoy much in the driving of the Motu patlu truck simulator. This game gives you nearly real road experience. You can collect coins during driving. The jump by touching on-screen feature gives you more fun during driving.

The collection of life packs gives you life during gameplay. Good graphics of creatures are looking nicely and give moment pleasure. Motu Patlu Truck Simulator game is free to download and play on android mobile for you only. This will take little memory of your mobile and not affect the normal function of your mobile.

Motu Patlu Games Truck Simulator features

Smooth handling
Endless running
Coin collection
Life collection
Panoramic gameplay
It looks like a 3D game
Sharp touch
Easy control
Target reminder

9: Motu Patlu Games Fruit Attack

Motu Patlu Game

Motu Patlu plays a dramatic role in an ancient war. These days, this is played as a game, namely Motu Patlu Fruit Attack. This game is viral in the Olympic competition. Do your performance best in Fruit Attack and get the title of Robin Hood.

Motu throws a Fruit randomly from undercover armor, and you need to hit fruit in the air to get points. So playing this Target game feels like the experience of Target.

This will improve your concentration power. Furthermore, good graphics empower the appearance of the jungle, which is suitable for concentration and Fruit attacks. Motu Patlu Fruit Attack game is very famous in his category. This is free to download and free to play.

Motu Patlu Games Fruit Attack Features

Easy to play
Required less memory
Addictive game
Highest score calculator
Salient features:
Free to download
Free to play
Smooth touch
Smooth bow starching
Random position
Random color of fruits

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