NADRA Announces Online Family Verification Service 2023

National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) online family verification service 2023. With this service, you can check that all your family members are registered under NADRANADRA Announces Online Family Verification Service Today to make all families secure by reporting strange people registered in your family. Because with this service you can also say if any other person registered in your family.

NADRA Announces Online Family Verification Service 2023

How to check Registered Family Members:

  • Simply send your CNIC number to 8008 and you will get the detail of all registered family members.
  • If detail you get is not correct, type 1 and send it to 8008.
  • if detail is correct about your registered family members then type 2 and send it to 8008.

Other than guardians, any family member can also check the detail of registered family members.

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