Prize Bond List 2021, National Savings of Pakistan.

Prize bond is the most efficient investment in Pakistan. Therefore, it is supposed a gold investment. However, it is a casher type of investment safety, which gives no incentive and no profit. All prize bonds are available in the value of Rs 100, Rs 200, Rs 750, Rs 1500, Rs 7500, Rs 15000, Rs 25000, Rs 40,000, and Rs 40,000 Premium Bonds.

Prize Bonds are basically lottery bonds offered by NSP (National Savings Pakistan) Under the control of the Ministry of Finance. These bonds are issued on behalf of the Government of Pakistan.

Prize Bonds are issued in the peculiar series in Pakistan. Every series have one million numbers when issued. Draws are held every (Quarterly) one-fourth of a year. However, on these Bonds, no interest and profit are given.

After every four months, a lucky draw conducts, Where winners are chosen via this lucky draw. These lucky draws are held in Pakistan’s central cities 36 times annually. According to numbers, every year, 70,600 prize bonds holders win round about 1.6B Rupees in reward.

Prize Bond Denominations List is given Below.

Amount1st PrizePrizes2nd PrizePrizes3rd PrizePrizes
Rs. 100700,0001200,000310001199
Rs. 200750,0001250,000512502394
Rs. 75015,00,0001500,000393001696
Rs. 15003,000,00011,000,000318,5001696
Rs. 750015,000,00015,000,000393,0001696
Rs. 1500030,000,000110,000,0003185,0001696
Rs. 25,000 Premium50,000,000215,000,0005312,000700
Rs. 40,000 Premium80,000,000130,000,0003500,000660
Remember this all amount values are in PKR

Draws Schedule

National Savings Pakistan changes its draws Schedule every year. The schedule is planned by the Ministry of finance and NSP. Here is the Schedule for 2021 Check out.

Future Prize Bond Draws are going to Held

Rs. 7500
02 August 2021
Draw # 86, Karachi
Rs. 1500
16 August 2021
Draw # 87, Multan
Rs. 100
16 August 2021
Draw # 35, Faisalabad
Rs. 40000 Premium
10 September 2021
Draw # 18, Peshawar

History of Prize Bonds & Why?

From the viewpoint of the Government of Pakistan. These Prize bonds projects were started back in 1960. This scheme was initiated to borrow money from the public of the Government of Pakistan at cheap rates. And give them cash prizes via lucky draws.

From this borrowed money, The Government of Pakistan earns billions of rupees.

People Also Ask About Prize Bonds

You can Get these prize bonds by visiting the local bank, National Savings, and State bank Offices across Pakistan to purchase the Prize Bonds.

You can check your prize bond results online by visiting the official website of the National Savings Pakistan Draws Search Page.

The 1st Prize of 40,000 is 75,000,000 in PKR and the 1st prize for 40,000 Premium Bond is 80,000,000

According to Bank Islami statement Prize, Bond Prize is not Halal.

This is because the amount given as Prize to bondholders is not Halal. The reason for its non-permissibility is that the amount given to the bondholder is interest given on loan.

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