Prize Bonds Schedule 2021 – Dates of Prize Bond Draw and Results.

NSP National Savings Pakistan announced the schedule of Prize Bonds Draws 2021. These draws are held quarterly across the country. These draws are held in major cities of Pakistan. Every Prize Bond has various prizes of denominations. Check Prize Bond Prizes Denominations.

The Absolute Prize Bond Schedule of 2021 from January 2021 to December 2021 is Given below. Check out.

Bond PriceDraw#Draw DateDraw City
Rs. 150008604 January 2021Muzaffarabad
Rs. 7508715 January 2021Hyderabad
Rs. 75008501 February 2021Lahore
Rs. 15008615 February 2021Quetta
Rs. 1003415 February 2021 Karachi
Rs. 40,000 Premium1710 March 2021Rawalpindi
Rs. 2008615 March 2021Faisalabad
Rs. 150008601 April 2021Hyderabad
Rs. 7508715 April 2021Quetta
Rs. 75008503 May 2021Rawalpindi
Rs. 15008617 May 2021Karachi
Rs. 1003417 May 2021Multan
Rs. 40,000 Premium1710 June 2021Muzaffarabad
Rs. 2008615 June 2021Peshawar
Rs. 150008602 July 2021Quetta
Rs. 7508715 July 2021Lahore
Rs. 75008702 August 2021Karachi
Rs. 15008716 August 2021Multan
Rs. 1003516 August 2021Faisalabad
Rs. 40,000 Premium1810 September 2021Peshawar
Rs. 2008715 September 2021Muzaffarabad
Rs. 150008701 October 2021Karachi
Rs. 7508815 October 2021Rawalpindi
Rs. 75008601 November 2021Multan
Rs. 1003515 November 2021Faisalabad
Rs. 15008716 November 2021Quetta
Rs. 40,000 Premium1810 December 2021Lahore
Rs. 2008715 December 2021Hyderabad
Prize Bond Schedule 2021

Number of Lucky Draws

According to Prize Bond Schedule 2021, draws are held 2 to 4 times every month. These draws are held in major cities. In the beginning, there used to be 24 lucky draws, but by the time the number of investors increased, lucky draws were increased from 24 to 36 per annum.

Upcoming Prize Bond Draws

Rs. 7500
02 August 2021
Draw # 86, Karachi
Rs. 1500
16 August 2021
Draw # 87, Multan
Rs. 100
16 August 2021
Draw # 35, Faisalabad
Rs. 40000 Premium
10 September 2021
Draw # 18, Peshawar

Upcoming Premium Prize Bond Draws

Prize Bond Draws are held in various cities of Pakistan and are controlled by National Savings. Every 2 weeks, a new draw is maintained, a total of 36 draws are held yearly. Here is the Schedule List of 2021

The accurate date of draw for every single bond is different. You can check the exact date for every single prize bond within the given list on this page. For every bond, the draw is maintained quarterly. So, in this way, for a single prize bond total of 4 draws are held in a year.

You can download the prize bond schedule 2021 by clicking on the Download and save the file in PDF format for offline use.

The Highest Prize of 80,000,000 is offered on Premium 40,000 Prize Bond. The second-largest amount is 75,000,000, which is offered on a normal 40,000 Prize Bond. Certain draws are held quarterly.

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