PUBG Characters List 2022 And How To Get Them


If you are a PUBG player, you want to ensure you have the best PUBG Mobile character, as choosing the best PUBG character gives you a competitive edge. If you want to know more about PUBG characters and how to unlock them, this article is for you.

This article will share the list of PUBG mobile characters and a detailed overview of their capabilities and perks. Also, by reading this article, you will know how do you get special characters in PUBG.


So let’s cut the crap and get to the point.

PUBG Characters List 2022

Recently Pubg Mobile has introduced a group of new special Pubg characters in its latest version. With different abilities for each character, the players can be stronger than before.

You can get these PUBG characters either through characters vouchers or UC. Or, for some characters, you need to spend the real money.


The names of PUBG special characters are:

  1. Sara
  2. Victor
  3. Andy
  4. Carlo


Sara is the only female unique character in PUBG mobile.


The specialty of Sara is that it increases the durability of the vehicle. When you upgrade this character fully, it increases the durability of the vehicles by up to 10 percent.

How To Get Sara

To get the PUBG character, Sara, you need to spend 600UC. Or you can get it through 600 different character vouchers available for free.


Victor has the honor of being the first PUBG special character. This character has three different upgraded outfits, including the legendary Conquest. It is free for all PUBG mobile players.


Victor has weapons to reduce the overall re-loading time of the sub-machine guns. It reduces SMG by 10% after re-loading to 9 levels.

How To Get Victor

To get victor, click on the tab emphasizing the workshop and choose a Pubg character. By doing so, you will be able to see Victor on your device screen with skills, emotions, clothes, and his voice.


Andy is the latest member of the list of special PUBG characters.


It enhances the gun image and keeps the speed up to 16%.

How To Get Andy

You need to pay 1200 UC vouchers to 1200 UC to get andy. Or you can unlock it free by participating Andy Character Unveiling event. For this, follow some simple steps.


Carlo is a handsome character in the PUBG mobile game. He has a gorgeous dress and a great hairstyle.


The specialty of Carlo is that it reduces the damage of falling from heights by about 24%. So if you enjoy climbing around the battlefield and want to dodge taking huge amounts of fall damage, then you should add Carlo to your collection.

How To Get Carlo

You can get Carlo by spending 1200UC or the character voucher ideally. For this, follow the below steps:

  • Visit the Events Department to check the event missions, where you have to complete various missions to collect many free prizes.
  • Once you are successful in collecting the necessary number of letter vouchers, you should visit the workshop to click on the Carlo character.
  • Finally, click on the unlock option to get the Carlo character.

Here we have shared the names of PUBG characters and how do you get special characters in PUBG. We hope you liked this article. If so, share it with other PUBG players in your squad.

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