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Sasta Shaark Tank – Story Behind The Video

sasta shaark tank

Originally posted on 14-November-2022 @ 8:33 PM

Last Updated on (6-January-2023)

Sasta Shaark Tank is a spoof video of the Indian reality tv show Shark Tank India. This video was created and uploaded by famous Youtuber Ashish chanchlani on 16 March 2023.

Youtuber Ashish Chanchlani is well-known. Ashish Chanchlani recently posted a video on YouTube. Ashish Chanchlani hasn’t uploaded any YouTube videos in the last six months.

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He had been inactive on YouTube for a while, but he recently uploaded a new video called Sasta Shaark Tank, which is a fantastic video.

He considers this to be one of his best videos. Ashneer Grover will be played by Ashish Chanchlani in this video. Aman Gupta was played by Akash Dodeja.

About Sasta Shaark Tank

Sasta Shaark Tank has gained more than 25M views in just 4 days on youtube. The video was quite intriguing and amusing. Ashish Chanchlani delivered a fantastic return. This video was inspired by Shark Tank India, a popular TV show in which four sharks invest in ordinary people’s ideas in order to help them receive finance and start their own business.

They ask for equity from ordinary people when they give them money, or they give them loans.

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Paneer Grover, the creator of Bharatde, is played by Ashish Chanchlani in Sasta Shaark Tank. There were also duplicates of previous Shark Tank India investors. Chaman Gutka (Aman Gupta) was played by Akash Dodeja, Babita Papad (Namita Thapar) was played by Simran Dhanwani, and Uttapam Misal was performed by Kunal Chabria (Anupam Mittal).

The judges, played by Chanchlani and his accomplices, received pitches and considered them in the parody video, which follows the same framework as the show. Only the spoof’s tone and the kind of pitches are supposed to make people laugh. And, as the spoof’s title implies, the production qualities are, well, ‘sasta’ when compared to the original.

Besides uploading spoof video Sasta Shaark Tank on youtube, Ashish chanchlani also posted it on his Instagram handle and started a blog on the same name, you can visit the blog by clicking HERE.

Ashneer Grover Reaction On Sasta Shaark Tank

The spoof, which was created by YouTuber Ashish Chanchlani, has become a success. Grover commented in the comments section after Chanchlani published the video on Instagram.

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Ashish Chanchalani wrote on Instagram in a promotional post,

Entries now open for Sasta Shark Tank If you have a brilliant idea that we waste entrepreneurs can invest on then please login to Entries open #SastaShaarkTank (sic).

Grover, who recently left BharatPe after a number of allegations were leveled against him and his wife thinks Sasta Shaark Tank is hilarious. “Hilarious!” says the narrator. What a performance by all of the Sharks!! Tikau and Sasta, “he said in a Twitter message.

While responding to claims of allegedly selling T20 World Cup passes for crores of rupees, Ashneer pushed the spoof of Shark Tank India. “Board waalo yeh sab Doglapan chodo aur yeh dekho – lot more creative and entertaining for everyone,” he stated in a tweet. @ashchanchlani has done a fantastic job.”

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