Sehri & Iftar Time Today in Faisalabad – Ramadan Calendar 2022

Today Sehr o Iftar timings of Faisalabad: Pakistan according to the Islamic University, Karachi calculation method. The timetable for the next 30 days is given here for your reference. These Sehri & Iftari timings are dependent on Sunrise and Sunset, and they change every day. The dates & timings are given according to Islamic Month and Gregorian Calendar. The Fiq aJafria and Shia timings are given separately below as they are different from Sunni Fiqa Hanfi timings.

Sehri & Iftar Time Today in Faisalabad 2022

So, here is the complete Faisalabad Ramadan Calendar 2022 with sehri and iftar timing. We have tried our best to upload the accurate timing regarding the Sehar and Iftar. However, there might be slight differences according to the cities. However, from our website, you will also get the Ramadan Calendars for other cities, so keep visiting our website. 

Faisalabad Ramadan Calendar 2022 (SEHRI & IFTAR TIME)

104:31 AM6:29 PM03 Apr 2022
204:30 AM6:30 PM04 Apr 2022
304:28 AM6:30 PM05 Apr 2022
404:27 AM6:31 PM06 Apr 2022
504:25 AM6:32 PM07 Apr 2022
604:24 AM6:32 PM08 Apr 2022
704:23 AM6:33 PM09 Apr 2022
804:21 AM6:34 PM10 Apr 2022
904:20 AM6:34 PM11 Apr 2022
1004:18 AM6:35 PM12 Apr 2022
1104:17 AM6:36 PM13 Apr 2022
1204:16 AM6:36 PM14 Apr 2022
1304:14 AM6:37 PM15 Apr 2022
1404:13 AM6:38 PM16 Apr 2022
1504:12 AM6:38 PM17 Apr 2022
1604:10 AM6:39 PM18 Apr 2022
1704:09 AM6:40 PM19 Apr 2022
1804:08 AM6:40 PM20 Apr 2022
1904:06 AM6:41 PM21 Apr 2022
2004:05 AM6:42 PM22 Apr 2022
2104:04 AM6:43 PM23 Apr 2022
2204:02 AM6:43 PM24 Apr 2022
2304:01 AM6:44 PM25 Apr 2022
2404:00 AM6:45 PM26 Apr 2022
2503:58 AM6:45 PM27 Apr 2022
2603:57 AM6:46 PM28 Apr 2022
2703:56 AM6:47 PM29 Apr 2022
2803:55 AM6:47 PM30 Apr 2022
2903:53 AM6:48 PM01 May 2022
3003:52 AM6:49 PM02 May 2022

Faisalabad is the hub of the Textile Industry and was called the “Manchester of Pakistan”. presents accurate Sehri Time in Faisalabad. Today Sehr o Iftar Time in Faisalabad let you know the authentic Ramadan schedule. For all Muslim communities, Faisalabad Ramadan Timing 2022 Pakistan is displayed here.

Faisalabad Inteha e Sehar Time makes you understand the ending time of Suhoor. offers extensive details of Faisalabad Ramadan Timings Schedule 2022. Islamic Calendars are used by the Islamic committees to determine the starting and end of months.

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