Suraj Grahan In Pakistan 2022 Date And Time

People are looking at the Suraj Grahan in Pakistan 2022 Date and Time. If you are one of them and want to know the exact date and time of Suraj Grahan in Pakistan 2022, you are at the right place.

Suraj Grahan In Pakistan 2022

According to Dr, Javed Iqbal who is the Astronomer and Director Institute of Space Sciences and Technology Karachi University said that this Garahan will not appear in Pakistan.

This Grahan will appear in American Region and When will appear Pakistani timing has been mentioned and you can gather.  On SaturdayApril 30, the solar eclipse of 2022 will take place. The eclipse will begin at 23:45 PST (30th April 2022). The eclipse will reach its peak at 01:42 PST (01st May 2022). and end at 03:38 PST (01st May 2022).

Suraj Grahan Date in Pakistan 2022

Suraj Grahan Date and Time in Pakistan are given below. The Suraj Grahan is going to take place in the month between 30 April 2022 to 1st May 2022. The exact date and time of this solar eclipse are as follows.

According to Pakistan Standard Time, a partial solar eclipse will happen at the midnight between April 30th and May 1st, 2022. (PST).

  • Will Not Appear In Pakistan

Suraj Grahan Time in Pakistan 2022

People who are looking for the Suraj Grahan Time in Pakistan can check the complete time including when it will start and when it will be on maximum and when it will end. So for kind of your information, this Grahan will not observe in the Pakistan region.

This is the place to check Suraj Grahan In Pakistan 2022 Date And Time in Pakistan. On the above side, I have given the date and Time of Suraj Grahan in Pakistan in 2022 to get complete detail.

The Partial Solar Eclipse will begin at 23:45 PST (30th April 2022), the Maximum Eclipse will be at 01:42 PST (01st May 2022) and the eclipse will end at 03:38 PST (01st May 2022).

What is a solar eclipse (Suraj Grahan), and how does it happen?

Solar Eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun. Solar Eclipse occurs only when the moon is in a new phase. After 177 days and 4 hours, the Solar Eclipse will occur again. It’s part of a semester-long series.

Solar Eclipses are classified as follows:

Partial Solar Eclipse:

When the moon partially obscures the sun. It’s penumbra on the surface of the planet. A partial Solar Eclipse is what it’s called.

Annular Solar Eclipse:

When the moon’s disc is insufficient to cover the entire disc of the sun. The sun’s rays will be seen on the horizon. Then comes the annular solar eclipse.

Hybrid Solar Eclipse:

It only happens once in a while. Hybrid Solar Eclipse occurs when the eclipse transitions from an annular to a complete eclipse.

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