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How To Telenor Conference Call Activation Code Complete Details 2022

telenor conference call activation code

How To Telenor Conference Call details 2022

It is important to note that the user who makes the conference call is charged for all parallel calls! The subscriber should be configured to set up a conference call, with the option of call waiting on their handset.

Subscriber A to Caller B. When the connection is established, the call is put on hold, then the person calls C. When the connection is established with person C, press user A3 and confirm button Y, green handset, OK, etc. That way, all three parties will be online. The procedure is the same for any additional person who may be involved in the conversation.

Conference Call Charges details 2022

  • This service is free for all Telenor customers.
  • Expect postpaid customers using the “Purina” tariff plan, where the monthly purchase is 34.80 RSD.
  • All express prices are included with VAT.

Telenor Conference Call Code 2nd procedure 2022

  • It is an intercontinental supporter of voice, statistics, comfort, and high-quality communication services in 13 markets in Europe and Asia.
  • Make conference calls and charges on the Telenor Group, one of the world’s leading mobile machines.
  • Telenor Pakistan has the full scope to implement a number of data from the Environmental Awareness Program.
  • All you need to do is activate it. If you are not currently active, call 345 now or drive a message to 346.
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