Google helpful content update - Should You Worry?

With the news of Google's helpful content update rolling out this week, websites and blog owners are worried if their site is safe or not.

This helpful content update is rolling out this week globally for English users.

Mainly this update is all about "By people For People."

Google is rolling out this update to ensure that the only content that ranks higher is purely and originally made by people.

This means it is totally people-centric.

So should you worry about the de-ranking of your content with this update?

Let's Find OUT!

You need to worry about your blog and site rankings if your content is poorly generated and does not meet the user's intent.

If your content is high quality, meets the user's demand, and answers his query effectively, then this update will only help you.

And you will not see any negative effects of the helpful content update.

It means if you produce content only for people, not for search engines then you are safe.