Samsung Galaxy S9 - 2022 Update Is Available

The new Samsung Galaxy S9 update for 2022 is available in  Netherlands and Belgium.

So if you have Samsung Galaxy S9 or  Samsung Galaxy S9+, you can see the update notification in your notification bar.

This update is also available for Branded Vodafone phones.

But you need a little patience if you own the T-Mobile model.

Samsung Galaxy S9 was released more than four years ago in the Netherlands.

And Samsung is now releasing another update for the Galaxy S9, which does not include the GPS improvement like all other devices.

The firmware update G96*FXXUHFVG4 is less than 100MB and gives the Galaxy S9 and S9+ completely upgraded GPS.

In this regard, the company stated that this update would improve the general stability of GPS, but the security patch will not be renewed.

You can manually check the update if you haven't received a notification about this update.

Settings -> Software update -> Download and install