What's Going On With Facebook? Hack Or A Celebrity Glitch

Several Facebook users report that something wrong has happened to their Facebook feed.

Users complain that their Facebook web feed is filled with minor posts sent to pages for artists like Nirvana,  Lady Gaga, and The Beatles.

This Facebook glitch shows the posts from random people leaving comments on celebrity pages they don't follow.

Facebook users rush to other social media platforms like Twitter and share their main news feed screenshots.

It looks like a flood of irrelevant posts or comments to celebrity pages visible across Facebook.

Some users are taking advantage of this Facebook glitch and sending memes to celebrities as they know it will be far spread.

In this Facebook glitch, if someone sends an image to a celebrity page, it will be visible in everyone's Facebook feed who follows that celebrity.

Yet, Facebook has not issued a statement in this regard.

And status dashboard for meta has not shown any issues by the time of this writing.

Meanwhile, we can wait for the official statement by Facebook in this regard.