You Can't "Edit Post" On Facebook Anymore?

On wednesday, 24-august-2022, a social media storm was caused as many of the users couldn't find the edit post button in their facebook app.

Primarily, this edit button was not visible on the apple devices although the android users still have this option. 

Users are thinking that it might be due to the latest update of the iOS. But facebook hasn't announced an official statement about it.

Many users have shared screenshots on twitter, which is showing the absence od edit post option that left the users wondering if it is premanent or just a temporary problem

But what can you do if you are not seeing edit button in your facebook app.

Here are a few suggestions given by social media users.

Use facebook web for editing posts.

Clear the chache of your iOS.

Uninstall and install the facebook application again.

Meanwhile, we can wait for the official statement by Facebook in this regard.