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What is the Famous Food of Islamabad? A Mouth-Watering List

What is the Famous Food of Islamabad
What is the Famous Food of Islamabad

Originally posted on 30-November–0001 @ 12:00 AM

Last Updated on (30-January-2023)

In this article, I will tell you about What is the Famous Food of Islamabad? Pakistan is known for its rich and diverse cuisine. From the spicy dishes of the North-West Frontier Province to the mild flavors of Sindh, Pakistan’s gastronomy has something for everyone.

One dish that is particularly popular in Islamabad is naan bread. The naan bread is usually made with wheat flour dough and olive oil and is cooked on a hot stone or pan.

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In Islamabad, the famous food is saag paneer. It’s a type of cheese in the form of creamy paneer. Many restaurants in Islamabad serve this dish.

Here is a list of Famous Food of Islamabad

  1. Chelo Kebab from Omer Khayyam
  2. Mantus from Mantu Gul Kitchen
  3. Cheese Naans from Monal
  4. Roll Paratha from The Corner Pan Shop @ Gol Market F-7 and Gulshan in F-10
  5. Chinioti Handi from Mr. Chips
  6. Brownie Skillet from Tuscany Courtyard
  7. Garlic Mushroom Toast from Chaaye Khana
  8. Steak from Porterhouse, Kohsar
  9. Rasmalai Cheesecake from the Warehouse
  10. Nutella Paratha from Paratha Party
  11. Grilled Beef/Chicken Sandwich from Juicy Gossip
  12. Chocolate Orange Pastry from Burning Brownie
  13. Ginger and Lemongrass Tea from Chai Chowk
  14. Poutine from Table No.5
  15. Quattro Formaggi Thin Crust from Pizza Originale
  16. Sushi from Murasaki

In conclusion, there are many famous foods in Islamabad. Some of the most popular dishes include biryani, pulao, and nihari. If you’re ever in the city, be sure to try some of these local specialties!

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