WhatsApp Account ko Kese Delete Karain 2021?

Whatsapp Account Delete Karne Ka Tariqa 2021 – Agar aap apna WhatsApp account delete karna chahte hain to is tariqe pe amal karian.

Deleting your account from WhatsApp is an easy process, but keep in mind that this step cannot be reversed once taken. Open WhatsApp (the application with a green background and a white phone icon) to delete your account.

Overthere, press on the more options menu. Then on the settings before going to Account and deleting your account. Next, you will have to enter your phone number in full form(international code is to be included) and press the DELETE MY ACCOUNT menu. Lastly, after selecting why you chose to delete your account, your account will be deleted.

But remember that deleting your account will delete you from WhatsApp and erase your message history, delete you from all of your WhatsApp groups.

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