Zong Internet Packages For One Day 2022


Zong Daily Internet Packages

Zong offers a wide range of 2G, 3G, and 4G internet packages to its prepaid customers in 2021. Zong Internet Packages For One Day To subscribe to Zong internet packages, according to your convenience, dial the codes:

  • Dial *3000# to subscribe to the Daily Internet Package

Zong Internet Packages For One Day 2022

Zong provides high-quality telecommunications services to millions of customers across Pakistan. The well-known brand in the country’s telecommunications sector provides a wide range of Internet packages, bundles, and deals.

Users can choose the one that appeals to them the most and meets their internet needs while staying within their budget. Here we have compiled the complete range of the Zong Internet Packages For One Day.

Zong Internet Packages For One Day Code

Package NameMBs/GBs InternetValidityPriceSubscription
Zong Daily Basic100 MBs Internet24 HoursRs. 23 + TaxDial *6464#
Zong Daytime Offer1.2GB Internet4 am to 7 pmRs. 16Dial *47#
Zong Night Offer2.5GB Internet24 HoursRs. 16 + TaxDial *6464#
Zong Free Facebook50MB Data for Facebook1 DayRs. 5 + TaxDial *6464#
Zong Daily Data Max500 MB Internet Data + 500 MB YouTube24 HoursRs.38 + TaxDial *5#
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