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E Stamp online Verification Check Here 2023

E Stamp online

Originally posted on 30-November–0001 @ 12:00 AM

Last Updated on (24-January-2023)

Let’s start introduction about E Stamping online Verification, e stamp online is a Revenue & PITB Punjab Information Technology Board project. It is a stamp paper project. There are two kinds of stamps one is Judicial and the second is Non-Judicial.

To explain these two stamps firstly judicial stamps are being used to administer and govern justice, fairness, and honesty in the courts but secondly nonjudicial stamps are being applied and utilized.

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To transfer and converter of the property, goods, assets, business, and commercial agreements and harmony, etc. the non-judicial e stamp online is written on documents. Above One thousand rupees is worth of e stamping.

If we talk about the main purpose of the e-stamping system is that its primary objectives or main focus are to thwart and avoid paper from fraudulent/deceitful practices, store information, any info about es Punjab, leakages government revenues, etc.

To get electronic e stamp papers it will be issued through any nominated branch of planed bank & there will be no numerous visits of the inhabitant to disburse the stamp task or function. E stamp paper is one of the revenue sources for the Punjab province government.

The strengthening of the stamp duty will be enhanced on the foundation of data delivered by the citizen including land area, location, covered area or opened area, commercial or resident area, etc., and DC. The data of the seller and purchaser are fed into the system with their CNIC number.

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E Stamp online Verification 2023

History of E-stamping is this that there were a large number of populations of Indians and Americans. On this historic day on February 13, 1951, that a battle of chirping-ni happened on a watermark with Chinese and Korea.

There are several types of e stamp verification like nonpostal stamp, judicial and non-judicial stamp, Agreement stamps, insurance stamps, franking print, E stam online, Notary Stamps, Revenue stamps, share transfer stamps, self-linking, Pre Inked, Rubber, custom stamps, signature, and data stamps, etc. all these types of stamps are being used for different motives and requirements.

E-stamping is programmable-based software. According to the rule of the Government, there is no need and agreement is obligatory to be executed on a stamp paper to recognize it in Law. On Friday e stamp papers are launched officially by the government.

In this process, it will take approx 10 to 15 minutes to get the stamp issued. Before this, it took about 2 to 3 days to complete its work. The government of Punjab is pleased to ensure the service of e stamp in Punjab. 

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That is very significant of the Pakistan government to take steps to make functional of e stamping.  Here a link to the e-stamp is available for your favor.

But you can also visit your nearby branch of Bank of Punjab to start and continue the process of e stamping due to this you will have to fill the challan form 32-A.  E stamp online verification 2023 has so many benefits for the people.

The founder of e stamp is Sandeep Jain, of Delhi said that the rules require that the people have to pay stamp duty to their central and allotted areas by the state or government.

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