How to Change the Downloads Folder Location in Windows 11?

This article shows’ steps to change the default download location in Windows 11. By default, Windows creates a Downloads folder in each user’s profile. This is the default location used when downloading files, pictures, and other data from the internet in Windows 11.

Windows also allow users to move the Downloads folder to any location they like, including the Desktop. So, for example, if your primary partition is running low on free storage space and you usually download large files, you may change the Downloads location to a partition on a larger drive.

How to Change the Download Location in Windows 11?

By default Windows 11 establishes some libraries on its C disk to manage its elements. Here libraries or folders mean Music, Images, Downloads, Desktop, etc., some being more used than others. This is the case of the Downloads folder, where all the downloads made from websites or applications are housed.

Although this is a parameter always used in Windows systems, it can cause errors on the hard disk if we have too many downloads, which affect the space in the hard drive C.

Downloading information to our PC is a task that we do quite frequently, so it is better to have everything well organized, including the source folders of Windows 11. So here we are going to explain a simple method to change the location of the Downloads folder in Windows 11; let’s see how to achieve it.

Steps to change the download location in Windows 11

Step 1: Firstly, open the “File Explorer,” right-click on the Downloads folder, and select the “Properties” option.

How to Change the Downloads Folder Location in Windows 11
Step 1.1
How to Change the Downloads Folder Location in Windows 11
Step 1.2

Step 2: When the Properties window opens, select the “Location” tab, then select the “Move” button.

How to Change the Downloads Folder Location in Windows 11
Step 2.1

For this post, we’re going to be moving the Downloads folder to our Desktop. So, we created a folder called Downloads on the Desktop, which we will use to like our new Downloads folder.

Step 3: Next, navigate through File Explorer to choose the Downloads folder created on your Desktop, then click Select Folder.

Step 3.1

Step 4: Once you choose a location, select OK. You’ll get a prompt similar to the one below asking you if you want to move all files from the old location to the new one.

Click Yes to apply the changes.

How to Change the Downloads Folder Location in Windows 11
Step 4.1

After that, any file you download from the internet will automatically be saved in the Downloads folder on your Desktop.

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